How Robot Adoption Comes as a Solution to the Labour Shortage?

How Robot Adoption Comes as a Solution to the Labour Shortage?


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The issue of labour shortages has been a prominent subject in recent years. This happens in many industries, including manufacturing, construction, logistics, hotel and tourism, and many more. Ironically, this is not only happening in one region, but also in various parts of the world.

In Europe, the labour shortages are caused by a variety of factors. According to a documentation gathered by the Public Employment Service - European Commission, stated by Tina Weber, Research Manager at Eurofound, these issues arise on both the supply and demand sides of the labour market, including labour mobility, emerging skill requirements, and unavailable training.

According to CNN, the COVID-19 pandemic becomes one of the triggers why some people in the US are delaying returning to work. Especially for older workers who have a higher risk of becoming ill from catching the virus. Meanwhile, younger workers are reluctant to return because they are more selective in choosing jobs, either with higher compensation, or looking for companies that can provide many benefits.

Effects of Labour Shortages

The fact that there are labour shortages in various parts of the world poses new issues for various industries.

In the construction industry for instance, the shortage of skilled labour has a major impact on the contractor’s ability to complete a project. Meanwhile, companies in the logistic industry need to figure out how to keep up the pace and make sure goods are delivered on time. Workers in the manufacturing industry are also affected. Because of the labor shortage, the remaining workers are forced to overwork. Workplace fatigue can also make them less focused and more likely to make mistakes.

All of this ultimately results in a disruption of the supply chain. For instance, if a manufacturing company has trouble producing its goods, eventually retailers and distributors will end up receiving their products late and also the end users.

Robot Adoption as a Solution to the Labour Shortage

To fill in the gap, companies from various industries can start making investments in robot adoption. It also answers the question: can robots replace human labour?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, robots can take over repetitive tasks or dangerous tasks that future employees are starting to avoid and replacing human labour. At the same time, no! Skilled workers are still needed to oversee business processes and they can be assigned to more difficult tasks. In fact, robot adoption actually provides answers for prospective employees who are now more selective and bring benefits for companies to create an effective and efficient environment.

This means that there is a golden opportunity for the robotics industry to develop and grasp these opportunities. Seeing the phenomenon of labour shortage that occurs everywhere, the demand for robots can increase significantly. Q1 2022 data shows that robot orders increased 40% amid a labour shortage in the US. Of course this might have a similar impact in other areas. Given that building a robot could take a long period of time (approximately more than 33 weeks), robot manufacturers can also begin to consider faster ways to meet the needs.

Movel AI Steps in with Seirios

To answer the challenges, Movel AI provides ready-to-use navigation solutions through Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS, a powerful robotic navigation solution that allows autonomous robots or mobility platforms to see and act the way humans do. In short, robot manufacturers can focus on developing the hardware while Movel AI works on the software. Save more time!

Powered by Sensor Fusion, robots powered by Seirios are able to detect and recognise both humans and objects (type, size, and shape) and help to reduce sensor costs by around 40-50% simultaneously. As a ready to use robotic navigation solution, Seirios installation process takes less than a day and can be done within a few simple steps, so users can deploy robots faster.

No need to worry about ease of use, Movel AI gets it all done and ensures that it not only prepares the product with sophisticated technology, but is also easy to use by end users from all industries. Seirios also comes bundled with a friendly user interface where even non-tech users can manage robots easily.

Using Seirios FMS, users from any industry can manage multiple robots as a fleet. With the task delegation feature, users can easily add tasks into a list and FMS will delegate it based on robots proximity and availability. Worry not about robot collisions. With Seirios FMS, all robots are aware of each other in the environment.

Movel AI believes that every industry has customised needs. The good news is, Seirios can be implemented into robots in any industry and tailored to respective needs. Whether you are in the cleaning, logistics, construction, or any industry, Seirios is the answer.

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