Agile Manufacturing Revolution: Mobile Robots Transforming Workflows

Agile Manufacturing Revolution: Mobile Robots Transforming Workflows


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In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, the concept of agile manufacturing has emerged as a cornerstone philosophy, driving companies to seek flexibility and responsiveness in their production processes.

According to Tulip, agile manufacturing is an approach to manufacturing that leverages flexibility, bottom-up innovation and augmentation to adapt, through an iterative process, to changing conditions.

Four major shifts in manufacturing have made agile methods necessary; a rapidly evolving environment, constant technological development, workforce transformation and more access to information.

The foundations of Agile Manufacturing rely on technology, serving as a crucial element in every aspect. Without appropriate technologies, companies struggle to deliver value swiftly, hindering their ability to meet customer demands and adapt to market fluctuations. However, agile isn't a one-size-fits-all technology adoption. Instead, it involves identifying the right technologies tailored to enhance unique processes, empower workers, and optimize product outcomes.

Figure 1. Image courtesy of Tulip

Mobile Robots: Catalysts for Agile Manufacturing

In today's fast-paced world, industries need to meet their daily targets without any delays. To ensure that fulfilment operations remain seamless, mobile robots are indispensable in providing an efficient process.

At the heart of agile manufacturing is the powerful integration of mobile robots, driven by robotics deployment solutions – like Movel AI. This transformative pairing is revolutionizing traditional workflows, ushering in an era of manufacturing that's adaptive and responsive.

With Movel AI, we bring you mobile robot deployment solutions that facilitate the seamless integration, coordination, and management of individual robots and entire fleets. Our deployment solutions empower robots to navigate autonomously, boosting efficiency and reducing downtime without requiring constant human intervention. Whether it's the deployment of a single robot or the management of over 100+ mobile robots, our user-friendly interface ensures easy manoeuvring for everyone, even those new to automation.

AMR and forklift robots are frequently used in agile manufacturing

Picture 2. Autonomous mobile robots and forklift robots are frequently utilized in constructing agile manufacturing processes.

Movel AI Empowered Agile Manufacturing to Transform Operations for a Pharmaceutical Company

Partnering with a leading pharmaceutical company in the manufacturing and distributing of pharmaceutical solutions, Movel AI facilitated a transformative journey. Together, we achieved a significant breakthrough by optimising mobile robots in their agile manufacturing process, contributing to enhanced efficiency and innovation.

The need was to efficiently move totes weighing thousands of kilograms, to make the whole process more efficient and safer for human workers. This process presented its challenges, including precision constraints and the requirement for two human workers—one to guide and one to operate the forklift.

Movel AI - Improving an agile manufacturing process within the pharmaceutical industry.

Picture 3. Improving an agile manufacturing process within the pharmaceutical industry.

Movel AI responded to these needs with our comprehensive robotic solutions. This included an autonomous forklift robot integrated with a deployment and navigation system, bundled with a user-friendly interface.

Empowered by a 2D and 3D LiDAR-based navigation solution, driven by sensor fusion, the autonomous forklift excels in detecting and recognising both humans and objects (type, size, and shape). This remarkable capability enhances accuracy to as low as 2 cm, ensuring precise manoeuvring even in narrow spaces, reducing the risk of collisions and providing a safer environment for human workers.

By utilising our solution, the client gains real-time visibility into the exact position and status of their totes on one single screen, optimising the manufacturing process for greater efficiency. As a result, they can save up to 4,000 man-hours per year, a tangible testament to the impact Movel AI brings to the operations. Furthermore, with the autonomous forklift in play, human workers can now be assigned to navigate it instead of undertaking the risk of manual driving in space-constrained areas.

Looking ahead, Movel AI remains committed to advancing agile manufacturing principles across industries. Our pursuit of excellence in robotics deployment solutions continues to empower businesses, offering the tools you need to thrive in the fast-paced, ever-evolving landscape of modern manufacturing. At Movel AI, we are dedicated to making your manufacturing processes not only more efficient but also more transparent and ultimately more agile.

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