What is the Difference between Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS?

What is the Difference between Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS?


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The use of autonomous robots is undoubtedly increasing. Used in both static and dynamic/ever-changing environments, autonomous robots generally help to increase productivity and efficiency. Not to mention, these robots are also sometimes used for safety reasons and to perform dangerous tasks.

To answer these challenges, autonomous robots certainly need to be equipped with robotic navigation solutions. These robots are ideally equipped with the ability to capture and detect its surroundings, form tasks, and perform tasks independently or in tandem with other robots. However, building a robot could take a long period of time (approximately more than 33 weeks)!

In a fast-paced world, ready-to-use solutions are needed to address challenges faster and more efficiently. A deep-tech, robotic startup from Singapore, Movel AI, answers the needs through its flagship suite of products called Seirios.

What is Seirios?

Seirios is a powerful robotic navigation solution that allows autonomous robots or mobility platforms to see and act the way humans do.

Powered by Sensor Fusion, autonomous robots powered by Seirios are able to detect and recognise both human and objects (type, size, and shape). This allows robots to capture the surrounding environment more accurately and reduce sensor costs by around 40-50% simultaneously. With the Human Detection feature, robots powered by Seirios are able to extract prominent feature points from the robots camera view (shown as green circles), and stored in a 3D map.

As a ready to use robotic navigation solution, Seirios installation process takes less than a day and can be done within a few simple steps, so users can deploy robots faster. Seirios also comes bundled with a friendly user interface where even non-tech users can manage robots easily.

Movel AI believes that every industry has customised needs. The good news is, Seirios can be implemented into robots in any industry and tailored to respective needs. Whether you have a static environment or a fully automated and ever-changing environment to manage, Seirios is the answer.

Some industries that have implemented Seirios include the logistics, cleaning, construction industries, and many more.

Difference between Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS

Now you must be wondering, what’s the difference between Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS? Let’s take a quick look at each product.

Seirios RNS (Robot Navigation System) is a navigation system that allows robots to see and act the way humans do and provide intelligent robotic solutions. This comes with smart features to ease end users. With the teleoperation feature, users can remotely control the robot using on screen joystick or WASD control. It can also explore a new surrounding using the mapping feature, users can also mark the robot's location in a series of points to save it as a path and run it later. Using the schedule and queue feature, users can stack multiple tasks into a single list and let the robots run now or schedule it for later. Click here to see how City Robotics (Poland) utilises Seirios RNS to its UV disinfection robot.

On the other hand, Seirios FMS (Fleet Management System) is a full-service fleet management system, designed to manage multiple robots as a fleet. Users can take control of multiple robots in one go. With the task delegation feature, users can easily add tasks into a list and FMS will delegate it based on robots proximity and availability. Using the lane drawing feature, users can draw single or two lanes for robots and permit them to traverse within the lanes drawn. Worry not about robot collisions. With Seirios FMS, all robots are aware of each other in the environment. Click here to find out how Seirios FMS is implemented in automatic mobile robots.

To put it simply, deciding between Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS depends on how many robots users want to manage at one go. To manage a single robot users can go with Seirios RNS, but to manage multiple robots, Seirios FMS is the answer!

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