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Movel AI spreading wings to Spain: Tugbot by RoboSavvy

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·Apr 20, 2022·

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Movel AI spreading wings to Spain: Tugbot by RoboSavvy

SPAIN - The need for robotic navigation solutions in the logistics industry will be increasingly needed to help companies of all sizes optimise workflows, freeing staff to perform added value tasks, increasing productivity and also reducing costs.

Designed and manufactured in Portugal, RoboSavvy introduced Tugbot. Tugbot is an intelligent, safe, stable, flexible and precise autonomous mobile robot (AMR). This robot functions to streamline workflow and logistics productivity in a warehouse. It is used for carrying high payloads and pulling all sorts of carts, either indoors or outdoors.


From left to right: Fernando Freitas (CEO of Tugbot), Pedro Silva (Lead Software Engineer of Tugbot), Koon Han Ong (Robotics Engineer of Movel AI), and Abhishek Gupta (CEO of Movel AI). (Photos by Abhishek)

Recently our team, Abhishek Gupta and Koon Han Ong, visited one of their projects in Spain, to support the implementation of POC. We ran several tests to see the Tugbots suitability in replacing the transportation of carts by humans, which involves many kilometres of walking every day! Not only in a warehouse, testing of ongoing projects was also carried out at Cascais Shopping Mall, after the mall’s closing hours. For this one, transporting trolleys and other logistics carts were involved.


Movel AI team visited one of RoboSavvy's Tugbot projects in Spain, to support the implementation of POC. (Photos by Abhishek)

As a leading company that focuses on developing robotics, our collaborative project with RoboSavvy is carried out in an environment that already has hundreds of robots actively serving in the warehouse. Powered by Seirios RNS, the Tugbots can continue to move dynamically, without crashing or interfering with existing robots in the operational zone. How so?

Because Movel AI's Seirios RNS is a robotic navigation solution for everyone, where you can create and manage maps and tasks. Equipped with a 3D LiDAR-based system, these Tugbots are able to recognise its surroundings quickly and move around smoothly. Therefore, no need to worry about crashing into other robots, they are able to detect its surroundings and move smoothly. These features were also further extended with Seirios FMS (fleet management system), so RoboSavvy team can manage and delegate certain tasks to multiple Tugbots through one interface!

Sounds cool? Yes!


Picture by Tugbot - RoboSavvy

The good news is that Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS can be used by anyone, even those of you who have zero knowledge about robot operating systems. With our sleek UI, you can quickly learn how to install & deploy from your favourite device. What's more? Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS are robotic navigation solutions that can be applied to various industries. We have collaborated with partners from various industries; construction, cleaning, and logistics. Your industry can be the next! Interested in taking your business to the next level? Innovate with Movel AI, request a demo to find out more about our Seirios.

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