The Future of Logistics: Transforming Operations with Mobile Robots & Warehouse Automation

The Future of Logistics: Transforming Operations with Mobile Robots & Warehouse Automation


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The logistics industry is in a state of rapid transformation, and the catalyst behind this evolution is none other than mobile robots. The demands placed on this industry are driven by factors such as e-commerce's explosive growth, consumer expectations for faster deliveries, rising labour costs, scarcity of available workers, and the desire to minimise common warehouse accidents.

According to Mobile Robotics in Logistics, Warehousing and Delivery 2024-2044 by Yulin Wang and Dr. James Jeffs, the yearly market size for mobile robots in intralogistics, last-mile delivery, and mobile picking is projected to reach approximately US$150 billion by 2044.

Thus, more mobile robots are needed ahead of time, warehouse owners will need to seriously consider automation, and this also requires warehouse robot manufacturers to develop mobile robots quicker and more efficiently.

Picture: An illustration of how mobile robots (automated guided vehicles - AGV) are being used to streamline warehouse automation in the logistics industry.

At the heart of this logistics and warehouse revolution is the ability of mobile robots to navigate autonomously in large, complex warehouse environments. We totally understand that developing a warehouse robot comes with plenty of challenges. You've got to load it up with sensors, cameras, and advanced algorithms to allow them to perceive their surroundings, avoid obstacles, and adapt to changing conditions in real time. Oh, and let’s not forget about that user-friendly interface – the magic touch that makes your end users adopt automation easily. We know you've got a tough gig!

Movel AI: Facilitating Seamless Deployments with User-friendly Interface

At Movel AI, we take pride in our role as a leading provider of mobile robot deployment solutions through our flagship suite of products, Seirios. Be it deploying a single mobile robot or fleet of robots in your warehouse automation system, our goal is to simplify the deployment process, while helping you save time and cost, and making it accessible at the same time.

Designed for end-users in all environments, your end users can simply use our user-friendly interface to tap-to-execute and monitor tasks easily; see maps in use, robot status, and queue manager. Have several tasks to do? Seirios by Movel AI provides a feature where users can combine tasks into a task list and schedule it to run automatically. Let’s have a quick look at our past successful robot deployment with Tugbot, a warehouse robot manufacturer based in Portugal.

Case Study: Tugbot by Robosavvy

We had the privilege of assisting Tugbot’s end users who were on the brink of a significant transition – moving from a manual factory system to full automation. We understood that their hardworking employees were covering an average of 15,000 steps each during their daily 8-hour shifts, which often left them feeling fatigued and prone to errors. Our mission went beyond just streamlining manpower; it aimed to bring about cost-efficiency and replace manual trolleys with cart-pulling robots.

Thanks to the implementation of Movel AI's innovative solutions, There were significant improvements on the client’s site. The operational process was seamlessly automated, leading to a 50% monthly increase in the number of trolleys pulled. Most notably, we successfully eliminated a staggering 15,000 steps from an 8-hour shift, resulting in a substantial reduction in human errors and an impressive 30% decrease in manpower costs.

Our client's operational efficiency and bottom line were significantly enhanced, all while providing their hardworking team with a more comfortable and productive work environment.


In conclusion, the future of logistics is being reshaped by mobile robots. Embracing the era of mobile robots is not just a choice; it's a necessity for staying competitive in the dynamic world of logistics. As a leading deployment solutions provider, Movel AI is at the forefront of this transformation, helping both end users who want to run warehouse automation and robotics manufacturers like Tugbot achieve remarkable results. To keep up with the constantly evolving logistics industry, now's your chance to experience it firsthand.

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