Leveraging Robotics Deployment for End-to-End 4.0 Solutions: INFINITIGROUP

Leveraging Robotics Deployment for End-to-End 4.0 Solutions: INFINITIGROUP


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Discover how Movel AI contributes to make a faster and more seamless mobile robot deployment for INFINITIGROUP, an esteemed end-to-end 4.0 solutions provider based in Indonesia. Widely recognised as a promising hub for robotics, Indonesia is witnessing rapid advancements in the field across various sectors. As a result, the need for swift adoption of robotics solutions has become paramount. INFINITIGROUP has embraced this demand and is at the forefront of delivering efficient and user-friendly end-to-end 4.0 solutions for clients from various industries; manufacturing, garment, education, F&B, logistics, and more. To keep up with the demand, it's important to optimise efficiency and productivity in mobile robot deployment.

Having been in the business since 2001, INFINITIGROUP brings a wealth of expertise and resources to the table. Their core competencies lie in designing, integrating, and installing solutions for Lean Manufacturing, Autonomous Mobile Transport, Robotics Product, Inspection and Software Integration, as well as Special Purpose Automation & Machines (LARIS).

The company is currently developing a SLAM-based AGV (automatic guided vehicle) for Indonesia’s Industry 4.0 Digital Center owned by the government, to showcase how a robot can leverage local industries to have a better future. The AGV is developed to manoeuvre between two designated points, ensuring seamless material transfers.

Overcoming Mobile Robot Challenges to Unlock Success

Seirios by Movel AI comes in to aid INFINITIGROUP with these challenges!

Challenges #1: Algorithm Agility

Selecting the most suitable algorithm for the AGVs posed a significant hurdle. Moreover, INFINITIGROUP needs to switch between algorithms.

However, Seirios by Movel AI came to the rescue, empowering INFINITIGROUP to effortlessly switch algorithms during implementation. With Seirios, adaptability and optimisation are seamlessly woven into their solution.

Challenges #2: User Interface Development

Developing user interfaces proved to be a challenging task. Along with advanced features, INFINITIGROUP also needs to provide an easy-to-use user interface for its end customers, including those with no robotics background.

Comes bundled with an easy-to-use user interface, Seirios provides a seamless robotics navigation experience that streamlined the process with ease of deployment. End users can now effortlessly navigate the mobile robot eliminating complexities.

Challenges #3: Time Constraints for Rapid Deployment

Prior to adopting Seirios by Movel AI, INFINITIGROUP spent considerable time developing SLAM mobile robots, resulting in a 6-8 month timeline. However, with Seirios, deployment has been made more seamless, enabling them to get up and running twice as fast, accelerating time-to-delivery to customers.

“Movel AI team has truly impressed us with their exceptional performance and commitment to deploy robots better. Communication with the team has been top-notch. Even before we made the purchase, Movel AI team dedicated their efforts to thoroughly understand our requirements and recommend the best solution for our needs. As a result, we experienced a reduction in installation time twice as fast, which allowed us to accelerate our time-to-delivery to customers!”

Fuad Widiatmoko - Head of Robotics Department of INFINITIGROUP

Client testimonial for Movel AI, Fuad Widiatmoko - Head of Robotics Department INFINITI Group

The collaboration between Movel AI and INFINITIGROUP has brought remarkable advancements to the realm of robot deployment. Through the integration of Seirios, INFINITIGROUP has triumphed over the challenges of algorithm agility, user interface development, and significant speed improvements in product delivery. The success of INFINITIGROUP demonstrates the power of innovative mobile robot deployment solutions, leveraging them to support the swift adoption of robotics advancements across various industries in Indonesia.

About Movel AI

Movel AI is a Singapore-based robotic deployment solution start-up founded in 2016. Through our flagship suite of products, Seirios, we help you to deploy robots better! We automate robots in a sleek, accurate and user-friendly manner with advanced deployment solutions. Our mission is to cut down on deployment time and cost, enabling you to get your robots up and running quickly, efficiently, and with minimal training.


INFINITIGROUP is an Indonesian company that was founded in 2001. Through the years, we have upgraded ourselves and our capabilities, transforming us into a company that can provide our customers with end-to-end technological solutions. INFINITIGROUP provides three types of solutions that we like to call: LARIS, GASPOL, and VERSI. We are the market leader in the field of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia. We design, build and deploy solutions according to our customer requests. Our team includes the brightest minds from Indonesia’s top universities, who strive to tackle the most significant challenges and provide our customers with Industry 4.0 solutions.

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