The Big Launch: Seirios FMS 2.0

The Big Launch: Seirios FMS 2.0

Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta): Elevating Mobile Robots Fleet Management System to New Heights


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In the rapidly changing robotics industry, it is vital to achieve efficiency and seamless integration. As a robotics software engineer, manager, or CEO of a robotics manufacturing company, you understand the importance of keeping pace with innovation. It is with great excitement that we introduce Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta), a revolutionary mobile robot fleet management system that will transform the way you deploy and manage mobile robots for your clients.

Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta): Fleet Management System for Mobile Robots with Integration and Interoperability

We are proud to introduce our latest innovation, Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta), an all-enhanced mobile robot fleet management system that empowers you to deploy up to 100+ mobile robots through a unified interface. This system is ideal for your end users who need to run numerous mobile robots in operations, such as warehouses, logistics, or cleaning robots used in a hospital.

Figure 1. Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta) comes with all-enhanced features to simplify your mobile robot fleet management system


We understand the challenges of connecting multiple platforms and technologies into a unified system. With Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta) we offer a powerful solution that seamlessly connects diverse mobile robots under one intuitive platform. Our plug-and-play system simplifies the process of integrating mobile robots from different vendors, resulting in smoother operations and greater adaptability.

You no longer need to deal with complex, disconnected systems. You will also be able to integrate with non-ROS-enabled mobile robots and manage everything from Seirios FMS 2.0(Beta). Moreover, you can easily incorporate automated doors and lifts into your workflow, and connect external software to automate task dispatch via API.


We understand that managing a fleet of mobile robots purchased from different vendors may be challenging for you. The ability to exchange information and data between different systems is vital for a streamlined and efficient operation.

Seirios FMS 2.0(Beta) can be of great help to you in bridging the gap. It lets you exchange information seamlessly between your mobile robots from different vendors, which can lead to a more efficient workflow.

Figure 2. Table of comparison between Seirios FMS vs Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta)

Features that set Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta) apart

With your end users' ease of use in mind, we bring our most favourite feature at the forefront: a user-friendly interface. Your team and clients can easily navigate and control multiple mobile robots with a simple and intuitive interface.

Besides that, there are also features that you would like to experience:

  1. Native Support for Multiple Maps

    Seamlessly switch between maps for autonomous operation in complex, in multi-storey environments. With lift and door integration, full autonomy across different floors is now a reality. Dynamically update a robot’s navigational map based on its current floor

  2. Traffic Control

    Advanced traffic management and conflict arbitration algorithms to optimise your mobile robot's mobility, ensuring efficient and safe operation. This feature includes intersection management with traffic lights and stop signs, traffic graph creation to control mobile robots’ movement, and accommodative route planning.

  3. Task Management

    Our dynamic task management module adapts to your fleet's conditions, increasing utility and efficiency. With the "Mission Composer," you can build complex missions and assign mobile robots dynamically.

  4. Area Management

    Create specialised areas of operation to enhance your mobile robots' efficiency with agent-specific yes-go-zones, and no-go-zones. Also, set ‘area-mutex’ to restrict movements within your robot’s current workspace.

  5. Robot Performance Analytics

    Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive analytics about your fleets and individual mobile robots, collected by Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta). Data collected include total tasks executed & completed and total distances travelled over a period of time, as well as robot utilisation figures.

Figure 3. Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta) comes with a new feature, robot performance analytics, to help you make data-driven decisions about your fleets and individual mobile robots.

Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta) is more than a mobile robot fleet management system; it's a game-changer. With Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta), you can lead the charge in the robotics industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to your end users.

Join us on this journey to revolutionize mobile robot deployment, and let's shape the future together. Seize the opportunity and harness the power of Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta) to transform your robotics deployment!

Fancy yourself controlling 100+ mobile robots on a single system?Seize the opportunity and harness the power of Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta) today! 🚀