Unlocking AMRs Potential with Seirios: A Robotic Navigation Solution

Unlocking AMRs Potential with Seirios: A Robotic Navigation Solution


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AMR is typically used in smart warehouses or factories to assist business operations. The number of AMRs used is not always huge, even one to two can allow workers to focus on more complex or value-added tasks while increasing their efficiency. Considering AMR's functionality and popularity in the current golden era of robotics, let's see how Seirios can unlock the potential of its robotic navigation solutions.

What is AMR and how can it benefit your warehouse?

An AMR, autonomous mobile robot, is a robot capable of navigating its surroundings without requiring direct supervision from an operator or following a predetermined path.

  1. There are several benefits of using AMRs operating in a warehouse:

  2. Operating on a 24/7 shift while keeping labour costs low

  3. Know the optimal sequence to finish tasks efficiently with maximum efficiency

  4. Automating repetitive tasks, frees up labour workers to focus on value-added tasks like quality control or plan a more efficient strategy for delegating tasks to robots

  5. Increasing warehouse and factory safety

  6. Scalable on demand and customisable according to the workflow running in your warehouse

However, building an AMR requires many factors, from consumer research to developing hardware that fits your budget and needs, not to mention developing intelligence software to make AMR operate according to the desired features, as well as several other costs involved in it such as the deployment costs required for AMR to run smoothly. The process of building the AMR itself can take months, not counting the average additional 3 weeks to complete deployment. A lot of cost, time and effort is spent before robot manufacturers can sell them to end users.

How Seirios unlock AMRs potential with its Robotic Navigation Solutions?

Built with 2D & 3D LiDAR SLAM Navigation Without having to choose between cost and performance, Movel AI offers a navigation solution with 2D and 3D LiDAR based simultaneously. By using a sensor-fusion based system on the robotic navigation solution, Movel AI is able to increase the accuracy to as low as 2 cm, making it more accurate, compared to the industry standard of 5 cm to 7cm. This allows multiple AMRs to run swiftly and work as a team, without having to worry about collisions.

Fleet management feature to control multiple robots at once Managing multiple AMRs at once is no easy task. Using Seirios FMS, a robot fleet management software, robot manufacturers will be able to centralise multiple AMRs operations in one single system. Seirios FMS is equipped with advanced features; task delegation based on proximity and availability, scheduling features, monitoring each AMR performance to check if any downtime due to a low battery or technical problem happened. Manage up to 100+ AMRs at once using robot fleet management software, Seirios FMS.

Comes with sleek user interface Seirios comes with a sleek user interface allowing everyone, including non-tech users, to navigate AMRs easily. Designed for end-users in all environments, users can simply tap-to-execute tasks. Users can monitor each AMR easily, such as to see each status, scheduled tasks, and queue manager.

Plus points: Leverage Seirios as Your Software-as-a-Service Seirios comes with a subscription plan where robot manufacturers can experience Seirios through a monthly basis. This allows robot manufacturers to start adopting the Robots-as-a-Service business model to meet market needs. In this way, a mass production for leasing can be started with more affordable initial investment. This technology also allows robot manufacturers to build intelligent AMRs with more affordable initial investment.

A case study from Tugbot by Robosavvy

Tugbot is a company based in Portugal, which offers versatile autonomous mobile robots for intra-logistics processes to streamline workflow and productivity. It is used for carrying high payloads and pulling all sorts of carts, either indoors or outdoors. With Tugbots in action, operations in large warehouses can run smoothly. By using Seirios, a robot navigation solution from Movel AI, robot fleet managers don't have to worry about robot collisions in the operational zone. Moreover, each Tugbot can be operated in tandem to finish tasks efficiently.

Read more about Tugbot case study here: [Movel AI spreading wings to Spain: Tugbot by RoboSavvy](news.movel.ai/movel-ai-spreading-wings-to-s..)

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