3 Mistakes to Avoid in Building Mobile Robots

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Building Mobile Robots


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The robot industry is indeed on the rise, especially since 2021 the robotics industry has entered its golden era, global robot sales have also increased by 0.5% despite the pandemic. Countless robot startups have emerged in recent years, to date, there are more than 1,000 service robot suppliers worldwide currently recognised by the International Robotics Federation. All players come to offer solutions for clients in various industries with their cutting-edge technology. It is important, however, to balance the good news with readiness among the industry players. Let's take a look at 3 mistakes to avoid in building mobile robots for efficient manufacturing.

Focusing on the technology rather than the end users

Technology that continues to emerge and develop is undeniably making robot manufacturers tempted to build sophisticated robots with the most advanced technology. This often happens at startups. To attract venture capital, it is essential to know not just how cutting-edge technology is used to solve problems but also how the technology can be easily understood by end users and how the solutions offered can generate high traction.

Movel AI has always got the user’s ease of mind as priority. The startup believes that any navigation solution offered to help robot manufacturers must have this factor in place to make its clients scale their business and be accepted by their end users. Movel AI is constantly shaping technologically advanced and user-friendly robot navigation solutions through a short learning curve and sleek user interface, enabling everyone, even non-tech users, to navigate robots without needing any prior technological background.

Product development requires constant testing

Robotics startups want to do their best to use the best technology to offer the best solutions for their clients. That’s understandable. It is better for robot manufacturers to test out the market before they begin developing a product. Start by launching a prototype and finding out what the end users need. After determining what the market wants, product development can begin; however, do not overspend to continue the whole product's development.

High end technology usually comes with a high initial cost. Building a mobile robot should also balance with the right calculations so that the solutions offered are effective and of course still provide good returns. Robot manufacturers can look for alternative ways to offer the best robotic solutions at affordable prices which can also reduce production costs and save end users from spending a lot of money. It’s a win-win after all.

Movel AI core technology uses Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion and Deep Learning to achieve the navigation software. By using sensor fusion, robot manufacturers can reduce sensor costs by 40-50% while increasing accuracy by 50%.

In-house development resulting in long lead times

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Remember that time is money." This is true. The process of making a robot can take a long time, up to 33 weeks, not to mention all the trial and error that can be exhausting. Delegating the navigation solution can help robot manufacturers to efficiently shorten the lead time throughout the manufacturing production. Robot manufacturers can then focus on the other parts of robot buildings, such as building hardware or do further research on what kind of technology to develop in the robot and get faster time to market.

Through its flagship suite of products, Seirios, Movel AI helps robot manufacturers to build their mobile robots faster. Its navigation solution allows manufacturers to have robots with cutting edge technology, 3D LiDAR SLAM navigation, at an affordable price. By delegating tasks and leaving the navigation system up to Movel AI, robot manufacturers can avoid having to worry about high initial cost, time efficiency, and focus on what matters.

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