A Good User Interface that Keeps Your Customers

A Good User Interface that Keeps Your Customers


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Focusing on providing solutions to customers is one of the main goals in running a business. In the robotics industry, for instance, robot manufacturers are competing to provide efficient solutions for its customers through sophisticated technology. Nevertheless, advanced solutions are useless if they are not paired with user-friendly technology, especially for users with no prior tech knowledge. This makes a product’s user interface (UI) to be an important factor when developing a solution.

Why should robot manufacturers care about a good user interface? Because end users do!

The process of creating a good UI takes everything. That includes how it looks, the ease of use and the learning curve. The more comfortable it is to use and quick to solve the problems, the more satisfied the customers are, and the more likely the company is to retain its customers. As stated on Forbes, a study shows that a well-designed user interface could raise conversion rate by up to 200%, and a better UX design could yield conversion rates up to 400%. Well said!

Movel AI developed Seirios, a robotic navigation solution that lets robots to see and react the way humans do.The technology allows everyone to navigate robots, either individually or in a fleet. Seirios was built with usability in mind, aiming for everyone, even non-tech users, to use without complicated training to operate a robot. Therefore, Seirios comes bundled with a sleek UI, made for end users to control robots easily, especially in challenging environments. Movel AI believes a great user interface with appealing visuals along with functional design, can provide an outstanding user experience for its customers. Find out what makes a good user interface and how Seirios by Movel AI delivers a great user interface, ensuring its users can navigate robots with ease.

What makes a good User Interface?

Thorough understanding of the end user

Just like the first step when developing a product, a good user interface comes from a deep understanding of who the users will be. Users determine the communication style, design, and even the features provided in the interface. Companies can decide whether they want to use a minimalist design or go with a more dynamic design and use creative design elements. Some require more interactive pop-ups, others can just go with a simple design, allowing the user to focus on a specific feature. One company can use a formal tone writing, while another can use a more casual tone, or even somewhere in between!


A good user interface should be intuitive and not confusing. Always use terminology or icons that customers are familiar with, or at least make it easy for them to understand. Thus, Movel AI built products by using clear icons, reducing jargon words, and taking inspiration from other proven products to speed up the user learning process and create easier interaction between humans and robots.

Steep learning curve is a no no!

Customers want ease of use, at all costs. A great solution should always come with convenient learning at the same time. Robot manufacturers are therefore required to make their advanced technology easy to learn by end users. Be sure to simplify the interface, so that end users, especially those with non-tech backgrounds, do not face significant difficulties when using it. Seirios comes with a simple navigation control panel, allowing new users to quickly easy-to-navigate robots individually or run them as a fleet.

**Mobile friendly **

Additionally, robot manufacturers should prepare their solutions for mobile use, so customers can easily access them wherever they are. Starting from a smaller screen and scaling up to a bigger screen size, Seirios is usable on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Making everyone can navigate robots easily.

Seirios Sleek User Interface

Designed for end-users in all environments, users can simply tap-to-execute tasks. Users can monitor the robots and its tasks easily, such as to see maps in use, robot status, and queue manager.

Have several tasks to do? Seirios provides a feature where the users can combine tasks into a task list. Moreover, those task lists also can be scheduled to run automatically at the scheduled time.

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All in all, it is important to always be open to continuous improvement on the user interface, to meet the ever-changing demands of customers that results in a good user experience. Seirios by Movel AI comes bundled with a sleek user interface which is constantly being improved to meet customer demands and changing trends that occur from time to time. A great user interface combined with advanced features will make robot manufactures at ease.

This allows robot manufacturers to focus on developing new improvements for the robot, instead of spending more time building navigation software or developing user interfaces. Not to mention, Seirios by Movel AI can also be installed on any robot in any industry, enabling robot manufacturers to easily deploy the navigation solutions on their robots and providing an easy-to-use user interface for their end users all at one go.

If you are one of the robot owners looking for a robotic navigation solution that comes with a sleek UI to navigate your robots, Seirios by Movel AI might be the right choice for you. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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