What Is Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS)?

What Is Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS)?


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What is Robots-as-a-Service?

Robot-as-a-service is a new business model in which robot manufacturers lease robotic devices to end users in various industries that want to start their robotic process automation. End users just need to subscribe to a plan to get benefits like companies buying robots as products. It also means cutting a lot of the initial and maintenance costs.

Robots-as-a-service example: a logistics service company leases a number of automated mobile robots (AMR) to robot manufacturers, the robots are then adapted to the needs and work flows that run in the warehouse. Later these robots can be operated in warehouses to assist the process of sorting goods and assist human workers in speeding up the process of sending goods to customers. Top 5 Advantages of Robots as a Service As a 'new' product in the robotics industry, Robot-as-a-service (RaaS) is slowly gaining popularity as it makes it easy for end users who are just starting to automate using robots.

Abhishek Gupta, CEO/Founder of Movel AI, stated:

“By using Robots as a Product, end users need to buy robots upfront, cost around $40,000-50,000, return on investments for that particular robot is about 2-3 years. While using Robot-as-a-Service, the robotic company leases the robots on a monthly basis around $1000-1,500 per month, per robot. If they have people who are paying slightly higher than this, they would get the robots to work on it on a monthly basis.”

There are top 5 advantages of Robots-as-a-Service

1. A cost-effective initial investment with no hidden fees The first advantage of Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) is that it really helps start-ups to save on initial investment as they only need to hire robots for an hourly or monthly fee. All customisation and installations can be directly delegated to the lessor. In most cases, leasing includes maintenance services as part of the price.

2. Solutions to answer labour shortages Companies no longer have to worry about labour shortages that are rising recently. By using robots, companies can pay much more affordable prices and operate 24/7, making it much more efficient.

3. Scale your needs flexibly Without having to incur any additional initial investment, end users can lease right away and see if the robot addition really fits their needs. If this works, the end user will only need to multiply the lease as needed.

**4. Latest software updates and hardware ** Another advantage of Robots-as-a-Service is that end users can get the latest hardware and software upgrades on a regular basis.

**5. Ideal for new starters in automation ** One of the entry barriers to implement robots is cost, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. With RaaS, not only SMEs, new players in other industries who want to start automation can also be more confident to adopt robots in their businesses.

How Movel AI helps robotic manufacturers to provide Robots-as-a-Service?

Robot-as-a-service (RaaS) is a promising opportunity amidst the 2023 predicted recession. It shows that the robotics industry still offers great opportunities though there are concerns.

To answer the challenges, Movel AI provides ready-to-use navigation solutions through Seirios. Seirios comes with 2D & 3D LiDAR SLAM navigation. Powered by Sensor Fusion, robots powered by Seirios are able to detect and recognise both humans and objects (type, size, and shape) and help to reduce sensor costs by around 40-50% simultaneously. Movel AI gets it all done and ensures that it not only prepares the product with sophisticated technology, but also comes bundled with a friendly user interface where even non-tech users can manage robots easily. In short, robot manufacturers can focus on developing the hardware while Movel AI works on the software.

Taking on the role of supporting the robotics industry, Movel AI offers a subscription plan where robot manufacturers can experience Seirios through a monthly basis. This allows robot manufacturers to start adopting the Robots-as-a-Service business model to meet market needs. In this way, mass production for leasing can be started with reduced initial investment.

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