United States: A new home for the robotics market

United States: A new home for the robotics market


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According to the International Federation of robotics, US robotics markets are experiencing growth in mid-2022. Revenue increased significantly and resulted in a positive worldwide robot trend. In the industrial robot sector, there is an annual growth rate of 10%. 9,782 of these units were installed in the automotive industry, followed by 3,807 units in the metal and machinery industry. The US robotics market is prospering, orders are growing stronger. Consumer diversification in the US robotics market is also increasing, making robots implemented in many areas.

One of the most widely used is robotics arms that are pre-trained to perform repetitive tasks. The use of this type of robot is considered very useful in supply chain flows in the midst of a labour crisis. According to Statista, annual revenue in the robotics industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.23%, resulting in a market volume of US$9.04 bn by 2027. In global comparison, most revenue will be generated in the United States, making the country become the new home for the robotics industry.

Robot-as-a-Service growth in the US robotics Market

Robotics growth continues to increase amid shocks to global economic conditions such as China's COVID-19 policy and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Previously US companies relied on basic components supplied by foreign manufacturers. The labour crisis is also an additional factor in the challenges that need to be answered. Previously, companies relied heavily on human operators to perform repetitive jobs and low-paying jobs. This discouraged them from working in the area and resulted in labour costs increased by almost 20%.

More recently, the use of robots has become more accessible and low-cost through Robot-as-a-Service innovation. Robot-as-a-service is considered to have answered all challenges. This makes it easy for them to scale their business incrementally without having to worry about investing in hardware with fixed capital and fixed costs.

US clients that Movel AI has served

Movel AI provides ready-to-use robotics navigation solutions through Seirios. Seirios comes with 2D & 3D LiDAR SLAM navigation. Powered by Sensor Fusion, robots powered by Seirios are able to detect and recognise both humans and objects (type, size, and shape) and help to reduce sensor costs by around 40-50% simultaneously. Movel AI gets it all done and ensures that it not only prepares the product with sophisticated technology but also comes bundled with a friendly user interface where even non-tech users can manage robots easily. In short, while letting Seirios by Movel AI take over the robotics navigation solutions, robotics companies can use the extra time to focus on studying their end users; find out what else they need and what technology they might need in the future. This makes two things run in one go and allows them to outsmart their competitors.

In support of the US robotics market's needs in the Robots-as-a-service business model, Movel AI offers a subscription plan that allows robotics companies to experience Seirios on a monthly basis. In this way, mass production for leasing can be started with a reduced initial investment.

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