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Dog robot in action: powered by Seirios

Dog robot in action: powered by Seirios

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·Aug 3, 2021·

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Seirios works with any type of robots

The standard of robots continues to rise. Lately, we can see many robot manufacturers are shifting their focus on building a smarter and more agile robot in the form of a ‘dog robot.’ These robots are built with a unique design and better ability to understand its surroundings make them seem promising to complete various types of tasks. Their movement is very dynamic compared to other ordinary mobile robots. They operate in a more complex environment, and they are even able to climb stairs.

In order to build a dog robot with great performance, it is essential to choose the right software to power the robot. A while ago, we tested how our navigation software, Seirios, performs with a dog robot hardware. Our technology is designed primarily to make robots move smoothly and accurately despite the environments they are in. As we can see in the video, we tried to operate this dog robot in a small indoor environment with a bunch of humans and other obstacles. However, using Seirios as the brain, this robot has a better semantic understanding from an advanced artificial intelligence technology that helps robots identify and recognize humans and objects in any type, shape, or sizes around them smartly.

The features built within Seirios software will also help to boost the robot’s performance. As shown in the video, the robot is trying to capture surrounding environments to generate a map. This feature, Mapping, will keep the generated map inside a library so the robot won’t have to repeat the process all over again every time. There is a Path Recording feature that allows saving a series of goal points as a path, this feature will be helpful in a construction site if the robot needs to do the inspection job. Another feature, Zone, will be a great choice if the robots are used as patrol robots. You can mark an area where robots are supposed to run their patrol job, so they can run autonomously inside that area without missing any part of it.

The possibilities of dog robots to perform any kind of tasks in dynamic and potentially unsafe environments are endless. Find out more details about the dog robot here!

If you'd like to know if Seirios is compatible with your robot/hardware, feel free to reach out!

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