Robotics Navigation Solution for Logistics: Ottobo Robotics

Robotics Navigation Solution for Logistics: Ottobo Robotics


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TURKEY - Quoting from an article written by James Lawton, at Forbes, there are several common themes which cause the recent urgency for robots in the warehouse: labour shortages, the growth in e-commerce and the evolving distribution models needed to give customers more choices in how they get goods.

We agree that the logistics industry needs to be more sensitive to these. Automation is indeed a way out for companies to keep up with the demands. Coming out with the belief that each client has a specific need, Movel AI provides relevant solutions that can be catered and customised to the client's needs.

Movel AI also provides robotic navigation solutions for logistics robot manufacturers. One of our clients is Ottobo Robotics. We are working hand-in-hand with Ottobo's robotics and logistics engineering who contributes enhancing our platform with their expertise in various disciplines. Some time ago (Feb 22 - March 8) one of our Robotic Software Engineer team members, Robertsen Putra Sugianto visited Ottobo Robotics, in Istanbul. Ottobo Robotics has a vision to build collaborative AMRs that work in harmony with human workforces. These AMRs will be applied very soon as a technological breakthrough and robotics solution, to optimise the warehouse intelligence system and become a robotic navigation solution for logistics.

Robotic navigation solutions for logistics industry: Ottobo Robotics, powered by Movel AI (Photo by Ottobo Robotics)

Robotic navigation solutions for logistics industry: Ottobo Robotics, powered by Movel AI (Photo by Ottobo Robotics)

Movel AI’s Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS bring robotic navigation solutions that allow these AMRs to move dynamically in the warehouse. With a single platform management system, Ottobo Robotics can delegate tasks where AMRs can work together in tandem.

Ottobo Robotics wants their AMRs to have the highest possible speed, challenging the entire AMR industry, while ensuring highest safety measures and standards. Besides being fast to increase efficiency, the AMRs should also be able to move swiftly through obstacles which often occur in dynamic warehouses; boxes here and there, people wandering, and many more. Customisation after customisation was carried out to make these logistics robots ready to deploy and can be mass-produced more quickly.

With Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS, the AMRs are equipped with both 2D and 3D LiDAR-based navigation systems. Our AI technology software enables the AMRs at Ottobo Robotics to recognise its surroundings quickly and move around smoothly. For warehouse needs where the production environment changes dynamically, a 3D LiDAR-based system is needed to overcome this issue.

By using a sensor-fusion-based system that makes it more accurate, Movel AI is also able to reduce sensor costs by around 40-50% simultaneously, so that clients can have robots with a 3D LiDAR-based system at an affordable price. This solves the big problem of any robot manufacturer who thinks that manufacturing robots using 3D LiDAR-based systems costs a lot of money.

Built with Seirios RNS and Seirios FMS, the AMRs are equipped with both 2D and 3D LiDAR-based navigation systems, to become the robotic navigation solutions for logistics. (Photos by Ottobo Robotics)

We are glad that Robertsen's visit to Turkey was warmly welcomed by the Ottobo Robotics team. We believe that whenever a client encounters a new need, it can be a place for us to increase our capacity.

“This was a rewarding experience for me as it was my first time running a 3D LiDAR robot autonomously in a super-large warehouse environment. Previously I only did this via simulation because at Movel AI, we work remotely,” said Robertsen.

Robertsen, one of Movel AI team members, visited Ottobo Robotics. (Photos by Robertsen)

As a committed robotics company in Singapore, we are always happy to speed up the adoption of robots across industries with our partners around the world. Our robotic localisation and navigation solutions, built with advanced computer vision and sensor fusion technology. This enables your robot to move in complex indoor and outdoor environments and simplifies manufacturing processes. This robotic navigation solution is not limited to the logistics industry, our AI technology software is compatible for use in various industries.

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