Precision meets calibration: Movel AI and Curium announce collaboration for innovative robotics solutions

Precision meets calibration: Movel AI and Curium announce collaboration for innovative robotics solutions


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SINGAPORE, MAY 11, 2023Movel AI, a Singapore-based robotic navigation solutions startup, has announced a new partnership with Curium, a deep-tech company specialising in sensor calibrations for semi and fully-autonomous vehicles (AVs). By combining their expertise, the two companies will work together to accelerate the adoption of robotics and enhance the capabilities of autonomous vehicles.

Through Movel AI's flagship suite of products, Seirios, the company offers advanced navigation solutions that automate robots with human-like precision and movements. Meanwhile, Curium serves as the catalyst for enabling full autonomy by specialising in sensor calibrations of vision, radar, and LiDAR sensors.

We are excited to partner with Curium, as we believe that their expertise in sensor calibrations perfectly complements our expertise in robotic navigation solutions. Together, we can create a more efficient and accurate system that will revolutionise the industry,” said Abhishek Gupta, CEO of Movel AI.

Seirios by Movel AI comes bundled with sleek user interface

Picture 1: Seirios by Movel AI comes bundled with a sleek user interface

"Partnering with Movel AI allows us to work with a company that shares our passion for innovation and disruption," said Dr. Ali Hasnain, CEO of Curium. "By bringing together our collective expertise, we can further advance the capabilities of autonomous vehicles and create more efficient autonomous vehicles."

Curium's innovation builds smart calibration techniques and methods for semi- and full-AVs

Picture 2: Curium's innovation builds smart calibration techniques and methods for semi- and full-AVs

As part of the partnership, the two companies will collaborate on opportunities for innovation, project co-creation, team engagement, and research. This partnership between Movel AI and Curium promises to deliver groundbreaking advancements in the field of robotics and autonomous vehicles, offering new possibilities for industry-academic cooperation and research collaborations. The companies are excited to work together and leverage their expertise to accelerate innovation in this rapidly evolving industry.

Movel AI and Curium's mutual collaboration agreement

About Movel AI

Movel AI is a robotics software, deep tech startup based in Singapore. Movel AI delivers human-like precision and movements to robots; combining sensor fusion, vision and machine learning & artificial intelligence technologies. Movel AI’s solutions are tailored to customers across different industries, applications and needs; from AGVs (automated guided vehicles) traversing factory grounds for logistical movements, to inspection robots scanning structural defects within multi-storey buildings, to enabling automated navigation in personal mobility devices.

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About Curium

Curium Pte Ltd, established in April 2020, is a deep-tech start-up specialising in automated calibration technology for the Automotive, IoT and Industry 4.0 verticals. VC backed and supported by the Singapore government; Curium has a number of patent-pending techniques to automate calibration for any system that relies on autonomous decision making.

Curium’s approach is Continuous Dynamic Calibration (TM). This patent-pending technique continuously monitors the data coming in from various sensors, analyses them for deviations from the norm, identifies miscalibrations and dynamically adjusts the calibration settings to ensure that the sensors are accurate at all times. This technique ensures that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems are performing decision-making on data that is always accurate. With this capability, fully autonomous systems will become possible ensuring safety, reliability, and accuracy at all times.

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