Movel AI to be part of NRP Ecosystem Partner: Bright robotics future awaits

Movel AI to be part of NRP Ecosystem Partner: Bright robotics future awaits


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According to the report, ‘Which Nations Really Lead in Industrial Robot Adoption?’ by Robert Atkinson, Singapore is one of the top 5 leading countries in robotics adoption worldwide. This position is made possible as Singapore has seen the obvious advantages robots could offer such as; safe work environment, fewer resources needed, and fasten production process. In the Southeast Asian region, we also see robotics adoption and automation getting more popular in the last couple of years. The implementation gives hope for a better quality of life and increasing GDP for most Southeast Asian countries.

In Singapore, the regulations and policies have been very supportive for the growth of the robotics sector. Many programs and initiatives encourage innovation in the robotics sector, like what The National Robotics Programme (NRP) has been doing. NRP is a multi-agency national programme that looks at the end-to-end development of differentiating robotics enablers and solutions in Singapore, from funding R&D to facilitating partnerships for translation and adoption to maximize socio-economic impact. An ecosystem such as this is a great way to connect all essential players in the robotics sector, thus improving the quality of existing robotics solutions and fulfill the demand for robots at the same time.

As a proud NRP Ecosystem Partner, we believe that choosing the right partner is crucial. Exchanging knowledge with public sector agencies, institutes of higher learning & research institutes, and other robotics provider inside this ecosystem will bring us closer to our vision to increase the adoption of robots in all sectors. We are optimistic that this will be a great start for us to make a better contribution to Singapore’s robotics landscape for a bright robotics future.

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