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Movel AI's Expansion in Europe to Become the Next Game Changer in the Local Industry

Movel AI's Expansion in Europe to Become the Next Game Changer in the Local Industry

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·Apr 27, 2022·

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Currently Chinese market is still positioned as the leader in automation, at least that's what stated by Kai-Fuu Lee's editorial in The Economist about "Covid Spurs Great Robotic Leap Forward China”. The CEO of Sinovation Ventures and author of AI Superpowers mentioned that in the midst of the pandemic, China is even baring its fangs. Movel AI recognises this fact and is also grateful to be able to maintain our position in the Chinese market through various exciting collaborations with our partners.

Despite the fact that China is an attractive market, Movel AI team remembers that we aim to speed up the adoption of robots across industries around the world. We are aware that many other parts of the world are also moving towards automation and are ready to accommodate the robotics and automation needs through our robotic navigation technology. As the second largest, the European market definitely catches our eyes. We were fortunate to grasp this perspective and met some of the local robot leaders, and received assistance from certain programs that we found potential to help us enter the market.

European robotics ecosystem in a glance

We are familiar with several European brands that are making breakthroughs in automation; Siemens, Bosch, Schneider Electric, ABB, and many more. In the last decade, robots have been highly adopted in Europe and have also fueled the rapid growth of robotic start-ups in Europe.

Other than Germany, many robotic hubs have been established in different parts of Europe, one of which is the world's largest hub for collaborative robots built by Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) and Universal Robots (UR) in Odense, Denmark. Robotic startups in Europe are also very diverse, ranging from those who focus on robotic process automation (RPA), e-commerce warehousing processes, smart homes appliances, to robots for agricultural needs. We can clearly see that robotic startups in Europe are growing rapidly and are ready to take it to the next level.

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World's largest hub for collaborative robots built by Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) and Universal Robots (UR) in Denmark, shows how Europe is ready to take the robotics industry to the next level.

Our commitment to the new market

In order to accommodate the automation and robotics needs of the European market, Movel AI comes with various practical steps to provide the best service for our future clients.

Local team in Europe

Our robotic navigation technology is designed with a sleek UI, enabling our partners to remotely install and deploy our systems with online assistance based in Asia. To improve the customer experience, we believe human touch is necessary. Headquartered in Singapore, Movel AI is currently building our local European team to support our partners’ A to Z, from product knowledge to technical support.

Product Standardisation

As robotic tasks become more complex, we believe standardisation efforts are needed. Furthermore, we believe that adaptability to local ecosystems is one of the key characteristics required to enter a new market. Our products are currently undergoing many standardisations to meet general safety requirements in Europe before they enter the market and can accommodate the needs of our future clients.

Confidence towards the great beginning

Looking at the diverse and dynamic ecosystem of European robotics startups, Movel AI believes that Europe is the next big player for the robotics industry.

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“Entering the post Covid-19 era, we believe the growth of the robotics industry in all corners of the world will be faster than before. Movel AI is up for the challenge to accelerate the adoption in Europe. With the support from various European robotics leaders we met, as well as our previous collaborations with European partners, we are confident to spread wings and accommodate the needs.” - Abhishek Gupta

Our previous European clients also came from various industries, for example, RoboSavvy (Spain) and Ottobo Robotics (Turkey). Both are from the logistics industry, aiming to increase productivity in the goods distribution. Another one was City Robotics (Poland), who is from the cleaning industry. In the Robo-UV project, we collaborated on creating a disinfection robot that can move dynamically using sensors to maintain cleanliness in various spaces efficiently.

With our flagship product, Seirios, Movel AI is confident that we can be a perfect fit among Europe's robotic ecosystem. Seirios is a robotic navigation technology that allows your robot to see and react the way humans do, it can be installed and used for one or more robots from any industry. Our artificial intelligence software is built with smart features, and can be customised according to your needs.

With everything in hand, we cannot wait to embark on our journey in Europe!

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