Movel AI x Xnergy: A New Partnership

Movel AI x Xnergy: A New Partnership


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SINGAPORE, 3 April 2023 - Movel AI, the leading provider of robotics navigation solutions, is thrilled to announce partnership with Xnergy Tech, a Singapore based company which manufactures interoperable, intelligent, and scalable autonomous power solutions to all robots. This partnership aims to revolutionise the robotics industry by delivering integrated, all-in-one solutions that offer flexibility, scalability, and intelligence.

Movel AI is renowned for its all-in-one navigation solutions that cater to single robots and fleets of robots, compatible with a variety of hardware, and applicable to robots in all types of industries. Comes bundled with a sleek user interface, users can easily tap to execute tasks and easily navigate robots with no tech background required.

“Xnergy shares Movel AI’s commitment to providing excellent versatile solutions to clients. Xnergy and Movel AI have been targeting the same AGV/AMR clients with different but complementary solutions. With this partnership we would be able to offer clients on both ends, not only the navigation solutions but also wireless charging solutions as well. We are excited to embark on this journey and bring value to the industry through our collaboration,” says Abhishek Gupta, CEO of Movel AI.

Seirios RNS interface integrates with Xnergy Wireless Charging Solution

Figure 1: Movel AI - Seirios RNS interface integrates with Xnergy Wireless Charging Solution | Image owned by Movel AI

Movel AI & Xnergy workflow diagram

Figure 2: Movel AI & Xnergy workflow diagram | Image owned by Movel AI

On the other hand, Xnergy is an energy transformation company in Singapore developing high-powered contactless chargers for all battery-powered vehicles. The Xnergy Universal Contactless charging technology works as one charger for all robots that run on any battery type. Thus, robotics companies can now build intelligent, autonomous robots with longer uptime at a fraction of the cost, cross-product compatibility and improve the overall efficiency of their operations, by charging less and allowing the robots to work longer.

“With more adoptions of different mobile robots within the same factory in the near future, Xnergy and Movel AI offer smart innovative solutions to unleash the mobile robot’s potential, and/thus increase the productivity, both navigation and charging infrastructure, wirelessly. We believe our partnership is able to bring an all-in-one solution that offers universality, scalability & sustainability,” says Terrenlzze Wong, Business Development Director of Xnergy.

Xnergy’s Universal Contactless Charger with Omron Cobot AMR

Figure 3: Xnergy’s Universal Contactless Charger with Omron Cobot AMR | Image owned by Xnergy

Both Movel AI and Xnergy believe that this partnership can open up new opportunities for robotics companies to effectively respond to complex market demands and bring everyone one step closer to realising the full potential of Industry 4.0. Movel AI and Xnergy are targeting the same suite of customers.

This partnership between Movel AI and Xnergy represents a significant step forward in the robotics industry and is expected to benefit robotics companies worldwide.

About Movel AI

Movel AI is a robotics software, deep tech startup based in Singapore. Movel AI delivers human-like precision and movements to robots; combining sensor fusion, vision and machine learning & artificial intelligence technologies. Movel AI’s solutions are tailored to customers across different industries, applications and needs; from AGVs (automated guided vehicles) traversing factory grounds for logistical movements, to inspection robots scanning structural defects within multi-storey buildings, to enabling automated navigation in personal mobility devices. For more information, please refer to Movel AI’s website at

About Xnergy

Xnergy is a local deep tech startup spung off from NTU (ERI@N) specialising in the development of high-powered contactless wireless charging technology for automated vehicles, automated mobile robots and electric vehicles globally. We are always ready to solve your power needs or challenges. For more information, please visit or Xnergy BE Contactless charging for mobile robots & AGV trucks - YouTube

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