Movel AI's first steps in Taiwan

Movel AI's first steps in Taiwan


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The global Robotics market is growing at an exponential rate and companies from various industries around the world are starting to automate their business processes by incorporating robotics. The robotics market in Taiwan and other Asia Pacific countries are expected to grow significantly in the coming years, and we are ready to be part of it! Earlier in October, we finally got the opportunity to show Seirios, our flagship products, to the local Taiwanese market through a couple of exciting events!

E-mobility Taiwan 2035

Movel AI is now in Taiwan, at the 2035 E-mobility Taiwan, to provide robotic navigation solutions for local robotic players.

2035 E-mobility Taiwan is gathering all the players in the self-driving car and electric vehicle ecosystem. As our first ever event in Taiwan, we were delighted to be involved directly with local robotics players to understand their needs in adopting robots solutions. During the first three days of physical events, we shared our knowledge in robotics, showcased Seirios to the market, and received a lot of positive feedback. You can still visit our virtual booth here, which will be available until Mid-November. Submit your questions about Seirios and how it can help to make robotics adoption easier for you via the site!

Left:Our team member, Jamie at the opening of the event | Right: Movel AI virtual booth

Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub demo day

After going through many innovative programs during the seven days of training with Taipei Entrepreneur Hub, our team mate, Jamie, finally showcased Seirios live in Taiwan for the first time during the demo day. The whole event was packed with many insightful activities that helped us better understand the trend in the startup ecosystem in Taiwan.

Left: Representatives from all startups | Right: Movel AI Pitch Session

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