New feature: Lift integration for multi-storey support!


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New feature: Lift integration for multi-storey support!

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Mobile robots, due to their nature, are usually deployed in all sorts of environments. Be it outdoors with uneven surfaces, or indoors within a building with various floors, rooms and obstacles, they are expected to be smart enough to navigate through and get tasks done.

That said, deploying robots in a multi-storey building can get challenging. Robots understand their surroundings in a one dimensional way, by recording them as a map. However, a multi-storey building might have different maps for every level, and robots have to travel through these levels autonomously. Some may suggest having a single robot on each floor, but that equates to high costs and thus might not be a viable solution.

Avitech's Robot using Seirios for Lift Integration project

Movel AI’s product Seirios RNS (Robot Navigation System) is able to resolve this issue - as our technology powers robots to move autonomously in any environment. We recently added a new feature called “Multi-Map Navigation,” to Seirios RNS, enabling robots to run on multiple maps on a single trip. This feature will come in handy for complex buildings like malls or hotels with multiple floors and numerous rooms. For example, a service robot deployed in a hotel environment can deliver things to different rooms on different floors, faster and efficiently to give a better level of service to the customer.

Setting up a multimap for your robot won’t take long. All you have to do is select all destination points on the maps, and the robot can run and enter different rooms to do its job autonomously. Once you click the “RUN” button on the system, the robot will automatically select which map they should be running on and change the map if necessary.

Check out the video below to see us testing this feature, supporting the lift integration project and making the process fully automated.

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