Filming Session with SGInnovate: Robotic solutions for everyone

Filming Session with SGInnovate: Robotic solutions for everyone


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Courtesy of SGInnovate

Earlier in April, the SGInnovate team visited Movel AI's headquarters in Singapore. In this visit, we had a chance to demonstrate to Chaermin (Community and Brand), a glimpse of how the world robotics is really like.

A filming session was arranged to introduce Chaermin to Seirios RNS and it was an incredibly fun session.

Seirios is a Flagship product of Movel AI, where the robot navigation solutions was made to help operate robots easily and make robots move seamlessly just like humans do. To help Chaermin understand better about Seirios, Movel AI team had prepared two different projects for her.

The first was was software-related project, where Chaermin was required to operate the robot to move inside the Path trajectory. The other was a hardware-related project, where Chaermin was asked to help fix the camera position on the robot to optimize robot performance for this project.

Using Seirios' user interface to control the robot, she aced the software project although Chaermin didn't have any prior background in robotics; navigating the robot seamlessly in a tight environment. The next project was more challenging for Chaermin as she had to pour her creativity to arrange the cameras position to maximized the field of view as possible.

The tasks were initially quite tough for Chaermin, but with great determination and help from our colleague, Koon Han, all the tasks were successfully completed in time.

It was a really fun experience and we'd like to thank SGInnovate for this arrangement. If you're keen to explore more on how Seirios works or learn more about robotics, reach out to us and let us know!

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