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Feature Guide - Seirios RNS

Feature Guide - Seirios RNS

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·Apr 7, 2021·

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Congratulations on receiving Movel AI's flagship robotic navigation system - Seirios RNS!

To get started, do refer to our latest product manual here; equipped with screenshots to guide you visually.

This guide will be useful for product demos, testing and exploring features.

1️⃣ Mapping

🔹 Enter mapping mode

🔹 Drive robot manually to generate map

🔹 Save generated map

🔹 View map in Map manager

2️⃣ Localisation

🔹 Enter localisation mode

🔹 Adjust the interface to align laster to walls/boundaries

3️⃣ Teleoperation

🔹 Manually drive the robot in this mode

🔹 Save pose as Home location using UI

4️⃣ Navigation

🔹 Eyeball a point in the map and click Run

5️⃣ Zone / Coverage Planner

🔹 Mark at least 3 points to create and area

6️⃣ Path Recording Mode

🔹 Create a path with at least 5 waypoints

🔹 Save path

🔹 View path in Path Manager

🔹 Run path

7️⃣ Scheduler Mode

🔹 Create a new Schedule (with time and day information) by adding;

🔸 Path

🔸 Goal

🔸 Time Delay (+seconds)

🔸 Home

🔹 Save/ run later

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Experience Seirios Now! Contact our sales representative if you wish for any further explanation, and schedule a free demo with no obligation.

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