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UV Disinfection Robot (City Robotics 🇵🇱)

UV Disinfection Robot (City Robotics 🇵🇱)

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·Apr 5, 2021·

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Architecture compatibility case study

POLAND - City Robotics’ sleek disinfection robots prides itself with its lightweight design and low power consumption. The conventional use of mini PCs draws too much power and occupies too much space (compared to smaller alternative development boards) within the robotic base and would result in the loss of its sleek design advantage.

City Robotics (Poland) is using Seirios RNS to perform its lightweight design and low power consumption disinfection robots

City Robotics (Poland) is using Seirios RNS to perform its

Having a software that can operate on a wider selection of computers/boards will help robotic manufacturers retain their competitive edge and unique design.

"Movel AI’s ready-to-use navigational software with a friendly UI helped us with getting our robot on the ground quickly. Having their team round the clock to assist us put our minds to ease too!"

Deepjyoti Nath
CEO, City Robotics

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