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Building Connections in a Post-Pandemic World

Building Connections in a Post-Pandemic World

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·Aug 1, 2020·

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For many people, co-workers used to make up the main source of daily human interaction. These days in times of COVID-19, where colleagues are mostly working from home (WFH), most interactions have been replaced by virtual chats and video meetings. Despite attempts to adjust to the new normal, it can get lonely working from home and some might start to feel isolated.

Realising the need to boost morale, we decided to help colleagues take a break and get to know each other better by organizing a couple of virtual team bonding sessions.

Virtual Team Bonding Session 1

During the first session held on 20 May, colleagues excitedly logged on and got to know each other better via an ice-breaker session of 2 Truths and a Lie, where plenty of laughs were shared, apart from getting to discover the hidden talents some of our engineers have!

We moved on to several online Board Games after, where we got to unleash the competitive streak in us! Winning or losing - no friendships were affected, only friendly banter 😉

Singapore-based colleagues were also pleased to receive a Grab Food Gift Card, reminding us that we don’t have to eat together, to eat together, while overseas colleagues received Amazon Gift Cards!

Virtual Team Bonding Session 2

The second Virtual Team Bonding session was held on 24 July, where we had a quick ice-breaking session followed by an exciting Virtual Escape Room game session!

Placed in small groups, colleagues had to either solve a Murder Mystery or locate hidden treasures via the game Treasures of Sundarbans. It was mind boggling having to work together remotely, via a chat room to solve puzzles.

However, most groups managed to crack the mystery! In the post-event debrief, many shared that they weren’t sure about being able to solve the puzzles, but via careful listening, patience, and clear communications over the video call helped greatly. It gave them a great sense of achievement upon reaching the end of the game!

Surprise Care Pack Delivery by CEO

That was not all - our CEO, Abhishek Gupta prepared and went round all corners of Singapore over the weekend to deliver a care pack to colleagues personally!

Most were surprised and touched when they opened their door to see a cheerful Abhishek smiling and offering them the bountiful care pack, consisting of essentials like Hand Sanitizers, and yummy chocolates and snacks!

“Movel AI is a small, tight-knit team and we miss having everyone in the office. Virtual team building can help replace valuable in-person forms of communication that are missing when colleagues work from home; increasing the chances of having fun, getting to know each other better, which in turn enhances their communication and teamwork skills.”
- Abhishek Gupta (CEO, Movel AI)

Here at Movel AI, we care deeply about our colleagues and are always listening to feedback on how to empower them for them to grow, do their best work and have fun. If this seems like a place you’d like to be part of, check out our Careers Page.

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