Seirios FMS: A robot fleet management system

Seirios FMS: A robot fleet management system


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With acceleration in all directions, many companies are starting to fully automate. This can be seen, for example, in factories and warehouses. Take for example, which launched a fully automated warehouse in Shanghai in 2018. With a total floor area of 100,000 square metres, it has the capacity to sort up to 16,000 packages per hour with 99.99% accuracy, and everything is done entirely by robots!

Smart factory or warehouse implementation certainly aims to maximise a company’s capacity. By operating Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) or Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) in their operations, a factory or warehouse can be operated 24/7 by robots which of course can benefit a company, both in terms of customer satisfaction and supply chain.

A fully automated factory/warehouse is not without its challenges. Deploying hundreds of robots to operate on average takes more than three weeks to complete. This makes a company spend money and time deploying robots. Even after deployment, challenges persist. Robots need to be optimised to carry out tasks in tandem, as well as preventing collisions and robot downtime.

To overcome this, robot fleet management software is needed to make AMRs deployed operate smoothly. Typically, a robot fleet management software provides features for managing and optimising the fleet performance on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Seirios FMS - a robot fleet management system

Movel AI understands that managing hundreds or thousands of robots at once is no easy task, the startup offers an autonomous navigation technology for robot fleets, Seirios FMS, to centralise multiple robot operations in one navigation. The robot fleet management system is equipped with advanced features to make it easy for anyone, even users with non-technical backgrounds, to manage robots easily

1. Task delegation

Seirios FMS comes with an optimised algorithm allowing users to delegate the tasks to robots based on proximity and availability. If all robots are in use, users can also schedule robots to run tasks later on, making sure all the tasks are completed.

2. Robot management

Utilising a robot fleet management system allows users to manage up to 100+ robots at once. This helps maximise output and capabilities. Users can also monitor and check each performance. Say the robot experiences downtime due to a low battery or other technical problem. Users can easily find out and fix it right away. Therefore, it does not waste time or become a hindrance to the rest of the workflow.

3. Worry not about robot collision

With Seirios FMS, each robot is equipped with 2D and 3D LiDAR SLAM navigation that allows them to see like humans. Each robot can detect surroundings as well as other robots. This allows multiple robots to work as a team, without having to worry about robot collisions.

Seirios FMS in action: deployed across the globe

As an autonomous navigation technology solution for various industries, Movel AI has previously partnered with Ottobo Robotics and Tugbot by Robosavvy to deploy Seirios FMS to hundreds of robots in their warehouse.

Ottobo Robotics, a Turkey-based startup focused on revolutionising the autonomous mobile robots landscape. Ottobo Robotics wants their AMRs to have the highest possible speed, challenging the entire AMR industry, while ensuring highest safety measures and standards. Ottobo AMRs can be operated in tandem. In addition to being fast, each AMR is also able to move swiftly so it doesn't hit people wandering around or other obstacles.

On the other hand, Tugbot is a company based in Portugal, which offers versatile autonomous mobile robots for intra-logistics processes. With Tugbots in action, operations in large warehouses can run smoothly. With hundreds of Tugbots actively operating in the warehouse, robot fleet managers don't have to worry about robot collisions in the operational zone.

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