How automation helps businesses bring in more profits

How automation helps businesses bring in more profits


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Automation is definitely not a new thing for businesses. Today, most businesses have utilised automation, at least to some degree. In recent years, the use of robots has also become a popular way to increase business profitability. There are many areas that could really benefit from robots and allow businesses to deliver faster, quality services to their end users. In this way, businesses can spare time to pursue other goals, allowing their operations to run more efficiently.

Here are three ways automating business can save money over time, making a business more profitable in the long run.

Improving efficiency

Investing in automation, especially robotics, allows businesses to get multiple birds stoned at once, especially in terms of efficiency. Automation takes over repetitive and risky tasks, allowing employees to work more on meaningful and safe jobs. At the same time, it also minimises the human error and additional costs that may occur if robots are not involved. In the end, making a business more profitable through achieving its objectives from all sides easily.

Fasten processes and enhance collaboration

Without automation, business processes can be more challenging because they depend on time and employees. The solution often comes with overtime working hours or additional employees which of course is also not easy, especially considering the labour shortages issue that arises in recent years. For this reason, robots in business automation can be a way out to get work done faster, because they can be operated 24/7.

As a bonus, businesses can also assign tasks to multiple robots at once. Thanks to today's technology advancement, which eliminates the need for manual collaboration that is often difficult to manage. Now it only takes one fleet manager to delegate work to multiple robots and monitor tasks seamlessly through a single system. It saves time and money by not hiring many employees, but completing the job on time.

Create a selling point that attracts customers

It is undeniable that robotics, which is now entering the golden era, has become a plus point that attracts customers through its marketing efforts. Businesses can leverage this opportunity to attract customers through the automation value they provide. Customers can get a new experience when served by robots. Automation helps businesses reduce errors while providing customers with added peace of mind when receiving quality service.

Just look at how DHL utilised its DHLBots in the logistics process. The robots can sort more than 1,000 small packages per hour, increasing efficiency by at least 40%. DHL is able to maintain customer satisfaction levels through on-time delivery during peak seasons. Using automation makes it easier for businesses to attract new customers faster and retain existing customers as a result of improved customer satisfaction.

It’s an open door for business in the robotics industry!

The adoption of automation looks very lucrative and makes businesses of all industries want to take advantage of it. Companies from various industries are starting to give priority to adopting automation whenever possible to scale their business. These possible advantages open up opportunities for the robotics industry. The role of the robotics industry is to accommodate the needs quickly and help other industries to adopt automation quickly through robotic solutions provided; logistics, food & beverage services, manufacturing, to the healthcare robots.

To answer the challenges, Movel AI provides ready-to-use navigation solutions through Seirios, a powerful robotic navigation solution that allows autonomous robots or mobility platforms to see and act the way humans do. Seirios comes with cutting edge technology, 3D LiDAR SLAM navigation, at an affordable price. By delegating tasks and leaving the navigation system up to Movel AI, robot manufacturers can avoid having to worry about high initial cost, time efficiency, and focus on what matters. In short, robot manufacturers can focus on developing the hardware while Movel AI works on the software.

Powered by Sensor Fusion, robots powered by Seirios are able to detect and recognise both humans and objects (type, size, and shape) and help to reduce sensor costs by around 40-50% simultaneously. As a ready to use robotic navigation solution, Seirios installation process takes less than a day and can be done within a few simple steps, so users can deploy robots faster.

No need to worry about ease of use, Movel AI gets it all done and ensures that it not only prepares the product with sophisticated technology, but is also easy to use by end users from all industries. Seirios also comes bundled with a friendly user interface where even non-tech users can manage robots easily.

Movel AI believes that every industry has customised needs. The good news is, Seirios can be implemented into robots in any industry and tailored to respective needs. So it can be a solution for all, whether for end users in the cleaning, logistics, construction, or any industry.

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