3 Ways to Speed Up Robot Development

3 Ways to Speed Up Robot Development


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Robot manufacturers know very well that building robots can take a long time. Besides having to be done thoroughly, programming robots also needs to be done efficiently because every minute spent is so valuable. A mistake can mean wasting time. Not to mention if there are some things that need to be fixed and improved, a robot programmer will undergo a laborious task to reprogram.

The market for the robotics industry is growing each year, and it comes with different technology and solutions. Robot manufacturers offer different solutions for different targeted industries. As the market players increase, this will force the robot industry players to boost their processes of building robots, to stay in the game.

Even though there are many factors that can slow down the development of robots, let’s instead explore three ways to speed up robot development.

Understand the market's needs for robotic intelligence solutions

There are different needs for robotics in each industry. While they cannot entirely address all the challenges, robot manufacturers can build robots that answer some solutions for their target industries. With a clear understanding from the start, both through market testing and research, manufacturers no longer waste time in the process of making robots. All market requirements can be directly developed into usable solutions, without wasting time in the middle of development.

Delegate your robot navigation to Movel AI

Robot manufacturers know very well that designing and programming robots to navigate is really important and can take a long time. Future robots must be able to operate in both indoors and outdoors, and understand their environment quickly, especially in dynamically changing environments.

Delegating robotic navigation to a third party can be an option worth considering. As a provider of robotic navigation solutions, Movel AI has experience in accommodating robot manufacturers for various industries in Asia and Europe through its suite of products, Seirios. It can be deployed on any type of robot and hardware due to its versatility.

With Movel AI, robot manufacturers no longer have to spend time programming robot navigation, making robot navigation programming simplified. The startup uses Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, and Deep Learning as its core technologies for navigation. By using sensor fusion, robot manufacturers can reduce sensor costs by 40-50% while increasing accuracy by 50%.

Save deployment time

Average robotics company spends a lot of time deploying the robots to its assigned users, be it a warehouse, hospital, building construction, or more. It takes more than 3 weeks to complete the deployment process, making robotics companies will need to spend money and the engineers time to deploy the robots.

Seirios is a fast-to-deploy robotic software that can be integrated with different payloads. With its simple user interface (UI) design, everyone can operate their robots easily. Robots can be deployed within five days, depending on the speed and stability of the internet connection. Helping companies to save time and money.

What if the end users are already operating another robot in the same area? No worries.

Seirios comes with a fleet management system (Seirios FMS), a full-service fleet management system, designed to manage multiple robots as a fleet, in various environments. Seirios FMS makes robots aware of each other in the environment, making fleet managers need not to worry about robot collisions. Using Seirios FMS, robotic engineers can easily manage multiple robots, delegate tasks based on robots proximity and availability via one single platform. Click here to find out how Seirios FMS is implemented in automatic mobile robots.

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