Outstanding Leaders in the European Robotics Market

Outstanding Leaders in the European Robotics Market


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The use of robots in various industries to increase efficiency and productivity can now be seen more clearly, especially when combined with artificial intelligence. Starting from routine tasks, hazardous tasks, to tasks that require details such as in the surgical tasks.

This implementation is clearly visible in countries that are serious about advancing the robotics industry. As one of the leading actors in the robotics industry, Europe certainly has a big role in this. Behind the advancement of the robotics market in Europe, there are outstanding leaders in the European robotics market who also play a role. Here are some of Europe's famous outstanding robotic leaders.

Peter Nietzer

Peter Nietzer, a German venture capitalist / angel investor and entrepreneur with focus on tech and service-driven companies.

Pic 1 - Peter Nietzer, a German venture capitalist / angel investor and entrepreneur with focus on tech and service-driven companies.

Meet Peter Nietzer, he is a European robotic leader from Germany who is active as a venture capitalist / angel investor and entrepreneur with focus on tech and service-driven companies. Nietzer currently serves as Chairman-Supervisory Board at voxeljet AG, Managing Director & Owner at KITES Industriebeteiligungen GmbH, Co-Founder and Partner at Robotics Ventures GmbH and General Representative at Wolfman One VC. As a person with cumulative experience in robotics, Nietzer often provides consulting for various stages of business, from robotic startups who just received their early-stage investments, to bigger German companies who then appointed him as IPO advisor. His role in the field of robotics is highly respected considering his track record and strengthened by the decisions and advice he gave to many companies.

Fernando Freitas

fernando freitas_portugal.jpeg

Pic 2 - Fernando Freitas, CEO of Tugbot

The next European robotic leader is Fernando Freitas, from Portugal. Fernando Freitas currently leads a company who produces versatile autonomous mobile robots called Tugbot. Fernando was previously also known as the CEO of RoboSavvy, a company which sells and develops robotic products and research, based in the United Kingdom. Movel AI had the opportunity to collaborate with Fernando Freitas through Tugbot. Powered by Movel AI's robotic navigation solution, Seirios, Tugbot's AMR can move smoothly in a fully automated environment and increase efficiency in warehouses.

Javier Miguelez

javier miguelez_spain.jpeg

Javier Miguelez, a Spanish mobile robot expert who has been advising lots of European startups.

Moving on to Spain, we have Javier Miguelez, a European robotic leader who focuses on mobile robots. He is a well-known person in the robotics industry in Europe and has been advising lots of European startups to give consultancy about strategies. His experience is very vital in shaping these companies' product markets. In particular, Javier specialises in providing consultations about logistics automation strategy. He helps companies to improve the efficiency of logistics and production flows and automation strategies. Besides, he also helps develop strategies for a mobile robot-related company to bring out the product to the industrial market by providing the go-to-market tactics.

We believe that there are still many outstanding European robotic leaders scattered in Europe, these three figures are some examples of people who play an active role in advancing the European robotics industry. They were also one of the factors that convinced us to spread our wings in the European market. We feel humbled to get to know them personally and get their support to achieve our ultimate vision, to speed up the adoption of robots across industries around the world.

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