Your guide to choosing Robot Navigation software providers

Your guide to choosing Robot Navigation software providers


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Building a robot takes time, money and effort. It may take up to 8 months or 33 weeks to build a robot. As robot adoption enters its golden age, robot manufacturers must innovate quickly to stay competitive. An alternative to this is to delegate your navigation system to a robot navigation software provider. Make sure you consider the following factors before choosing the best robot navigation software provider.

Find out what the navigation does

First things first, you need to know what navigation solutions are offered and how the technology can improve the performance of your robot. If you are planning to build robots that are intended for end users, consider other factors such as the ease of use.

With the aim to speed up the adoption of robots across industries, Movel AI introduced its flagship suite of robotic navigation software products, Seirios. Seirios is a powerful robotic navigation solution that allows autonomous robots or mobility platforms to see and act the way humans do. Seirios is built with SLAM technology to let robots understand the environment faster. Products offered include Seirios RNS, for single robot navigation, and Seirios FMS, a fleet management system where users can manage multiple robots in one go.

Check its compatibility with any type of robots

Given the increasing adoption of robots in various industries, look for robot navigation software providers that are compatible with all types of robots. You'll need software that fits your industry's needs, without complicated customisations. Find out if they have powered a wide range of robots, regardless of their industry.

Seirios by Movel AI is ready to use and compatible with robots across different industries, applications and needs; from AGVs (automated guided vehicles) traversing factory grounds for logistical movements, to inspection robots scanning structural defects within multi-storey buildings, to enabling automated navigation in personal mobility devices.

Check the suitability for any environment setting

Some robots are designed to operate for indoor settings, while others are for outdoors. Similarly, there are robots designed for static environments and more dynamic environments, where the surrounding space changes dynamically, like in a warehouse. To overcome this, LiDAR technology is usually needed to make the robots see the environment as accurately as the human eye. As different industries have different requirements, you can ask whether the robotic navigation softwares offered can be implemented in any environment setting.

Movel AI offers a robotic navigation solution with 2D and 3D LiDAR based simultaneously. By using a sensor-fusion based system, Movel AI is able to increase the accuracy to as low as 2cm. As a result of its recent partnership with Kudan, Movel AI has further enhanced its SLAM navigation technology, enabling robots to possess robust and accurate positioning both indoors and outdoors, as well as making localisation and mapping more accurate.

Easy installation and deployment process

How does the installation process typically work? Will there be support engineers who come to help at your warehouse, how long does it take, and are there any additional fees. It would be advisable to ask if there is an extra cost if you plan to install it on a fleet of robots. In case you are installing in-house, be sure to check the ease of installation or any hardware/software that needs to be prepared beforehand. Furthermore, make sure they can guide you through the installation process..

Installation of Seirios takes 5 days to be up and running. This can be done within a few simple steps, without an engineering/technical team. However to maximise capabilities of the hardware/robot to the use case/purpose, tuning must be done by the client’s side. In short, customers would only need one firmware engineer with no software engineers. To support, Movel AI also provides a software installation manual where clients can read and install Seirios by themselves, but if needed clients can get assistance remotely.

After-sales service to assist your navigation experience

After-sales service is an important aspect that shouldn't be overlooked. You can ask how the assistance process is usually provided; if there are additional fees charged, and if you can get weekly/bi-weekly/monthly assistance. Also, ask about their typical response time. Suppose you live in different continents with different time zones, how would they handle those typical problems?

Movel AI believes that after-sales support is a prominent factor to improve its clients' navigation experience. To support this, Movel AI has also provided robotic support engineers who are ready to provide assistance regarding the clients’ doubts and problems. Currently, Movel AI is headquartered in Singapore. However, since Movel AI is expanding to Europe in early 2022, a team in Europe is being prepared to provide timely assistance to customers across different time zones.

Easy to use

It's good to know if a robot navigation software provider also supports commercial robots development that are ready-to-use for end users. This will make it easier to market the products. The industry has many robotic companies that provide robotic navigation solutions, but without an user interface (UI) for users and their clients to use. To build a sleek UI, these companies require additional time and are commonly beyond their expertise.

Seirios was built with usability in mind, aiming for everyone, even non-tech users, to use without complicated training to operate a robot. Therefore, Seirios comes bundled with a sleek UI, made for end users to control robots easily, to give more convenience for the user and fasten the initial learning process. Movel AI believes a great user interface with appealing visuals along with functional design, can provide an outstanding user experience for its customers.

Movel AI understands that choosing the right robotic navigation software provider is a major decision. However, this one step can have an impact on accelerating your existence in the golden era of robotics adoption. For assistance in selecting the right robot navigation software provider, please contact Movel AI's sales representatives for further explanation and schedule a free demo.

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