Robotics Trends and Predictions in 2023

Robotics Trends and Predictions in 2023


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Follow these robotics trends and predictions in 2023 to improve your business

In 2022, the robotics industry had its golden era. It was predicted that the robotics industry would reach its zenith this year. Many new businesses and incumbents have stepped up to address the different needs of automation in various industries and responded to the robotics trends. The robotics industry itself remains strong amidst the post-pandemic storm that has shaken the global economy. Despite the golden age still being alive, the robotics industry needs to be prepared for the predicted slowdown in 2023. To help the robotics industry players plan for the future, here are some top robotics trends and predictions in 2023. In these robotics trends and predictions in 2023, we will discuss topics such as new business models and the kind of robots that will be highly sought after.

Autonomous mobile robots are still in great demand

Among the robotics trends and predictions in 2023, we can expect a rise in demand for industrial and warehouse robots, especially autonomous mobile robots. The global autonomous mobile robot market was valued at USD $2.7 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $12.4 billion by 2030 according to research firm Allied Market Research. This type of robot will still be highly sought to help automate various industrial processes; logistics, manufacturing, and more. Equipped with sensors, artificial intelligence and computer vision, AMR can function to navigate its environment and help speed up processes and handle repetitive tasks.

Europe and the US markets remain strong, while Southeast Asia is showing signs of improvement

It should be noted that the European market will still have a great deal of interest in robotics in 2023, which should make this continent the next hub of robotics advancement. There will be various robotic advances invented that will be used in various industries. Following later is the United States robotic market, where the robots-as-a-service trend is growing very rapidly, enabling many small-scale companies and startups to move quickly and swiftly in welcoming automation in various industrial fields.

Moving to the east, there is no doubt that Asia is still leading the robotics industry with China, Japan and Korea at the forefront. Although the progress of robotics is visible in East Asia, actually the potential of the robotics industry itself can also be seen in Southeast Asia. Mordor Intelligence anticipates an increasing adoption of robots in Southeast Asia, making it expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.7% during the forecasted period of 2021-2026. Some countries included: Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Robot-as-a-service is on the horizon

Appearing as the new kid on the block at the end of 2022, robots-as-a-service is expected to become a popular trend in 2023. Robot-as-a-service is a new business model in which robot manufacturers lease robotic devices to end users in various industries that want to start their robotic process automation. End users just need to subscribe to a plan to get benefits like companies buying robots as products. It also means cutting a lot of the initial and maintenance costs. This business model allows end users to scale their business based on a subscription plan without requiring a large initial investment. It is recommended that companies in the robotics industry start considering this model to attract more clients.

Taking on the role of supporting the robotics industry, Movel AI offers a subscription plan where robot manufacturers can experience Seirios on a monthly basis. This allows robot manufacturers to start adopting the Robots-as-a-Service business model to meet market needs. In this way, mass production for leasing can be started with a lower initial investment.

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