Deep Dive into Seirios RNS Advanced Features

Deep Dive into Seirios RNS Advanced Features

Jun 27, 2023·

4 min read

In the rapidly evolving world of robotics, efficient and reliable navigation systems are crucial for maximising the capabilities of mobile robots. Seirios RNS (Robot Navigation System) by Movel AI, is a state-of-the-art solution that empowers robot manufacturers to enhance their robots' navigation capabilities, accelerate development, and bring their products to market faster. This article takes a deep dive into the remarkable features offered by Seirios, highlighting its sleek user interface, task scheduling and queuing, precise mapping capabilities, and advanced SLAM navigation.

1. Easy-to-use User Interface: Enhancing User Experience

Seirios RNS offers a sleek and intuitive user interface, providing robot managers with an exceptional user experience. With a clean and modern design, the interface allows for effortless navigation and seamless interaction. The well-organised layout presents critical information at a glance, empowering robot managers to monitor and control mobile robots effectively. This streamlined interface reduces the learning curve and boosts productivity, making Seirios RNS an ideal choice for both novice and experienced users.

After logging in to the interface, users can find the dashboard. Users can map, save, and load maps. Moreover, they can also find speed controls, analog/keyboard control and toggle, and mode-dependent buttons in this panel.

2. Teleoperation and Running Tasks

Users can manually navigate mobile robots with the onboard controls (keyboard or analog). Robot managers can granularly control and set the speed with the on-screen joystick.

To run the tasks, robot managers can use single-event tasks that can be executed with one click. There are only two types of tasks in Seirios RNS;

  • Trail: where mobile robots will follow the generated lines closely (will not deviate outside).

    Using this feature, robot managers can mark each point and a line will be generated between points. Besides, robot managers can also make a zone of three points in a specific area. Mobile robots will then execute tasks to run in the zone.

  • Waypoints: where the robot will not follow the lines and obstacles will be dynamically avoided (unless the setting is toggled to stop-at-obstacle)

3. Task Manager

Efficient task scheduling is paramount in maximising the productivity of mobile robots. Seirios simplifies this process by allowing robot managers to queue multiple tasks seamlessly. Moreover, robot managers can also set tasks to run at a later date/time. The system provides a centralised platform where tasks can be assigned and monitored in real-time. This feature optimises workflow management, ensuring efficient utilisation of mobile robots and minimising downtime. With Seirios, robot managers can easily coordinate complex operations and achieve higher levels of automation and productivity.

4. Mapping: Unprecedented Precision

Precise mapping is vital for mobile robots to navigate their surroundings effectively. Seirios RNS utilises advanced mapping technology, enabling robots to familiarise themselves with their environment accurately. With an exceptional accuracy level as low as 2 cm, Seirios RNS surpasses other systems that typically achieve only 5 cm accuracy. This high-precision mapping allows robots to navigate complex and dynamic environments with confidence. With Seirios, robot managers can do manual/automatic teleoperation to generate 2D mapping, 3D LiDAR mapping for a better visual representation, Real-Time Appearance-Based Mapping, and Camera-based Mapping.

Seirios RNS incorporates Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology, to enable mobile robots to simultaneously map their surroundings and determine their location within the environment. This real-time mapping and localisation capability enable robots to adapt to dynamic changes and efficiently navigate through complex spaces. Seirios RNS empowers mobile robots with increased autonomy, enabling them to handle diverse tasks with agility and accuracy.

Seirios RNS, the revolutionary robot navigation system by Movel AI, equips robot manufacturers with a comprehensive solution to enhance their mobile robots' navigation capabilities. With its sleek user interface, efficient task scheduling, precise mapping, and advanced SLAM navigation, Seirios RNS is a game-changer in the field of robotic automation. By leveraging this powerful software, manufacturers can expedite their robot development process, streamline operations, and deliver high-performance robots to the market faster than ever before. Embrace the future of robotics with Seirios RNS and unlock the full potential of mobile robots.

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