Successful Closure of Our Latest Investment Round

Successful Closure of Our Latest Investment Round


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Movel AI is excited to announce that we have successfully closed our latest investment round from strategic investors. The round was led by Silicon Solution Ventures (SSV) and joined by JR Kelmscott, SEEDS Capital, Siix-AGT Medtech, Miltonia Investments, and Ngen Capital (Group) AG. This substantial influx of funds represents a significant milestone for us, as we continue to pursue our mission of making Robotics Deployment, simpler, faster and easier for all.

As the robotics market grows at an exponential rate, we are excited about getting our solutions to more customers in the region. We will be aiming to optimise operations, enhance sales functions, and elevate marketing efforts to reach new heights.

A substantial portion of the funding will also be allocated to accelerate product development and R&D initiatives. This year, Movel AI will unveil Seirios FMS 2.0, an advanced and comprehensive mobile robot fleet management system, designed to address the challenges of robot integration and interoperability. With the widespread adoption of robotics across various industries, Seirios FMS 2.0 serves as a unifying platform that enables the simultaneous control of diverse mobile robots. The new version also features traffic, task, and area management, along with robot performance analytics, empowering robotics engineers to make data-driven decisions on how to utilise mobile robots based on information collected.

This funding will enable us to study and strategise which market has an increasing demand for innovative robotics solutions. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and are excited about the growth and transformation that lies ahead.

“Entering the golden era of robot adoption, we at Movel AI continue to develop our products to support the global robotics industry. Providing the best solutions for our clients' needs and simplifying their robotics deployment process has always been our commitment. The new round of funding can certainly help accelerate the mission. With our expansion plan, this funding could also be our fuel in providing even better robotics deployment solutions that can be leveraged by robot manufacturers around the world,” said Abhishek Gupta, CEO and Founder of Movel AI.

David Ng from Silicon Solution Ventures said, “SSV is delighted to back the Movel AI team as we believe Movel AI will be one of the leaders in robotics deployment solutions in their software and middleware platform especially in robotic navigation enhancement, in the ever-growing robotics market. We are confident that there will be increasing demand for their robotics platform solutions as it helps businesses to optimise their operations, improve their bottom line, and also address other challenges like labour shortages. Further, Abhishek is a resilient entrepreneur who challenges himself to innovate new ideas and come up with solutions to improve mobile robot deployment performance, as well as consistently engaging and establishing close collaboration with customers.”