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New year, new Seirios!

New year, new Seirios!

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·Mar 31, 2021·

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It has been an exciting and eventful year for the team at Movel AI. Thanks to our cherished clients and partners for their valuable feedback and support, Seirios is no longer in beta and has been given a makeover.

Besides new features and improved stability & reliability to the product, the spotlight falls onto our newly designed user interface - aimed to bring ease and convenience to every user.

Switch between modes easily

New and improved UI!

As our product grows, so will our list of features. In this update, Seirios allows users to easily switch between multiple modes with an easy-to-reveal panel, unlike before where users have to manually search for the name of the mode.

One stop Library

Finding the path you created every time you want to run your robot can be exhausting, especially in a complex environment. We heard you!

Now with the latest update of Seirios, find all your saved paths, goals and tasks pegged to a Map from the LIbrary page. With just a few clicks, you’re ready to run the robot with your saved path or goal.

Paths, Home, Goals all tagged to the same one Map

A small update has been introduced to the Scheduler feature, where users can set their robots to run in a loop, where the robot will continuously nun without the need of another human control. More updates coming soon. Stay tuned!

The difference of night and day

Good contrast improves usabilityI

Seirios can be used in various environments, dark warehouses to brightly lit malls. For a better experience, Seirios now comes with Light and Dark display mode options, so you can always use it while in the dark without harming your eyes.

Improved mobile responsive design

You wouldn't want to miss this.

Seirios now comes with better support for all mobile devices from mobile phones to desktops. With a mobile responsive design, any user will be able to use their Seirios program anywhere with any device without additional hardware purchase and installation.

Mobile phones to desktops, for everyone to use

3D Mapping

Seirios now supports 3D mapping!

3D point clouds in a mapped environment

We understand that you expect the best out of your hardware and we’re here to help. With 3D mapping, you can expect longer ranges for detection and high resolution of your robots’ surroundings.

See for yourself!

Contact our sales representative if you wish for any further explanation, and schedule a free demo with no obligation down below.

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Experience Seirios Now! Contact our sales representative if you wish for any further explanation, and schedule a free demo with no obligation.

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