Movel AI and Rigbetel Labs Announce Partnership

Movel AI and Rigbetel Labs Announce Partnership


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SINGAPORE / INDIA, 27 MARCH 2023 - Movel AI, a Singapore-based robotics software, deep tech startup, announced today its partnership with RigBetel Labs, an India-based Robotics Services Startup in the hardware & software domain. This partnership will combine the expertise of both companies to offer innovative, end-to-end solutions for robotics and automation.

It's a pleasure to be on the same wavelength with RigBetel Labs in our vision to speed up robot adoption across industries, and to bring advanced navigation solutions along with the hardware robot to the Indian market," said Abhishek Gupta, CEO of Movel AI. "Their deep understanding of the local industry and extensive experience in hardware and software solutions make them an ideal partner for us."

Movel AI provides robot navigation solutions to customers around the world, providing advanced features that allow robots to navigate in dynamic environments easily, as well as fleet management systems which enable robot managers to navigate up to +100 robots at once.

Movel AI_Seirios RNS Interface - Dynamic mapping feature for robots

Figure 1: Movel AI_Seirios RNS Interface - Dynamic mapping feature for robots

RigBetel Labs assists robotics startups and product companies to build their ideas into working products/prototypes/MVP and provide technical service to maintain them through hardware/software consultancy hence providing solutions based on their customised needs.

A glimpse of RnD work done by RigBetel Labs

Figure 2: A glimpse of RnD work done by RigBetel Labs

Under this partnership, both parties agree to seek out mutually beneficial engagements and refer to those that would be of exclusive benefit to either party. By leveraging each company's expertise, the two companies will also create joint business projects to develop innovative robotics solutions and address technical robotics challenges.

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Movel AI, which represents an important step forward in our mission to provide the best possible robotics services and consultation to our clients. Through this partnership, we aim to further enhance our hardware and software solutions, delivering better user interfaces for dynamic robot control and intelligent fleet management systems to our customers,” said Pallavi Saha, Co-Founder & CEO at RigBetel Labs.

Together, the partnership between Movel AI and Rigbetel Labs represents a major step forward for both companies, bringing together world-class technology and expertise to deliver game-changing robotics solutions to a variety of industries and make a significant impact on the Indian market and beyond.

About Movel AI

Movel AI is a robotics software, deep tech startup based in Singapore. Movel AI delivers human-like precision and movements to robots; combining sensor fusion, vision and machine learning & artificial intelligence technologies. Movel AI’s solutions are tailored to customers across different industries, applications and needs; from AGVs (automated guided vehicles) traversing factory grounds for logistical movements, to inspection robots scanning structural defects within multi-storey buildings, to enabling automated navigation in personal mobility devices. For more information, please refer to Movel AI’s website at

About RigBetel Labs LLP

RigBetel Labs, is a robotics service company based in India, that focuses on Research and Development through design, manufacturing and software development of AMRs (autonomous mobile robots), Social interactive robots, Educational & Research Platforms, and Robotic Manipulators using ROS & ROS 2. Additionally, RigBetel Labs provides consultation services and trainings to fellow robotics startups and companies for the advancement of their robotic products and software with their expertise encompassing Realistic ROS Simulation, Autonomous Navigation, Prototype development and AR/VR control system integration with robots. For more information, please refer to

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