Seirios FMS Updates (Oct 2021)

Seirios FMS Updates (Oct 2021)


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Seirios FMS (Fleet Management System) is highly sought after as it can be used in many practical applications and settings; from hospitals to manufacturing environments.

Providing a bird eye's view on the entire robotic fleet's operations, task management and navigation commands can be quickly executed.

Seirios FMS

Redesign on robot management page and dashboard

The latest and greatest

  • Robot Management: Connecting all robots running on Seirios RNS in a single system (Seirios FMS) for better efficiency.

Seirios FMS: Robot Manager

Robots just need to be on the same WLAN to be added to the FMS

  • Map Manager: Users can select maps and tasks stored in individual robots - to set as a default environment for other robots (connected to the same fleet) to navigate and execute tasks in.

FMS in Action

With two different robots of different builds and sensor configurations, tasks were delegated in real-time over WLAN. See more below!

Video was shot with a beta version of FMS. New video coming soon!

More features are underway to meet the needs of our users in every sector and industry. Don't worry, you'll be notified via our monthly newsletter as soon as it's ready!

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