ROSATI Chooses Movel AI for Robotics Navigation Solutions

ROSATI Chooses Movel AI for Robotics Navigation Solutions


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SINGAPORE/TAIWAN, 22 February 2022ROSATI, a Taiwan-based robotIc company, chooses Movel AI as the robotics navigation solution vendor to speed up the development of its AGV. ROSATI (Rong Shin Automation Technology Co. Ltd.) is a company under Rong Shin Industrial Co., Ltd. The company develops a smart automatic guided vehicle called NRS-300.

ROSATI Chooses Movel AI for Robotics Navigation Solutions - AGV NRS 300

Picture 1 - AGV NRS 300 (picture owned by ROSATI)

NRS-300 is an AGV that was designed to meet the various environmental needs of factories in Taiwan, including manufacturing and logistics. The design allows flexible use of the production line. Designed in a small size (900mm x 600mm x250mm), NRS-300 can load up to 300 kg and operate for up to 8 hours, with a walking speed of <50m/min.

Challenge #1: Robot development

Developing a robot takes about 33 weeks to complete. Together with Movel AI, ROSATI is further developing its robotics navigation and smart features to make its robot market-ready faster. This is possible because Movel AI's robotic navigation solutions are versatile and adaptable to all types of robots.

Movel AI accommodates robotics navigation solutions through Seirios RNS, a powerful robotic navigation solution that allows autonomous robots or mobility platforms to see and act the way humans do.

Challenge #2: Parking accuracy

NRS-300 is designed for dynamic environments like logistics or manufacturing areas. Therefore, high-tech visual obstacle avoidance sensors are highly needed to let the AGV work safely and smoothly.

Movel AI through Seirios RNS provides basic movement, mapping, localisation, to navigation. Parameter tunings in the indoor environment are also made so that NRS-300 can move swiftly while avoiding obstacles within the travel path. As part of the ongoing development, NRS-300 is equipped with 2D LiDAR sensors, RGBD camera, QR code-based reader to improve parking accuracy, and custom task integration using Seirios.

Challenge #3: Easy to use software

ROSATI wants its NRS-300 to have advanced features while still being user-friendly for robot managers.

Easy-to-navigate, Seirios boasts a sleek user interface creating a hassle-free experience. In turn, this will help robot managers in Taiwan take advantage of Seirios’ advanced features without having to undergo a steep learning process, saving time and money for companies, and eventually providing all-round benefits to all!

Movel AI strives to automate robots at scale, allowing robotics companies to reduce deployment time and eliminate development costs. From a mere prototype to product readiness, ROSATI's navigation system development was quick and efficient. Additionally, Movel AI team also provides recommendations for product development and an end-to-end sales process that allows ROSATI's in-house engineers to easily navigate and install Seirios RNS remotely.

“Seirios by Movel AI saves our time to speed up the development of NRS-300 navigation systems. Furthermore, the Movel AI team provides day-to-day proactive assistance, allowing us to feel confident that our robotics navigation development is in good hands.” - Yu Yung Yuan, General Manager of ROSATI.

Powered by Movel AI, testimony from Yu Yung Yuan - General Manager of Rosati Taiwan

About Movel AI

Movel AI is a robotics software, deep tech startup based in Singapore. Movel AI delivers human-like precision and movements to robots; combining sensor fusion, vision and machine learning & artificial intelligence technologies. Movel AI’s solutions are tailored to customers across different industries, applications and needs; from AGVs (automated guided vehicles) traversing factory grounds for logistical movements, to inspection robots scanning structural defects within multi-storey buildings, to enabling automated navigation in personal mobility devices. For more information, please refer to Movel AI’s website at

About ROSATI (Rongxing Automation Technology Co., Ltd.)

In view of the industry's industrial 4.0 upgrade needs, in 2016, it began to cooperate with the Taiwan Industrial Research Institute to develop unmanned van products. And in 2018, the group established [Rongxing Automation Technology Co., Ltd. ROSATI], focusing on the design and development of "Automated Unmanned Vehicle AGV" and "Software and Hardware of Automatic Storage System", training team talents for independent research and development, and combining production hardware Strength, create a new smart product that is different from the past. The goal is to [deeply cultivate Taiwan and cultivate talents], and keep the core technology in Taiwan. Recruit talents from Taiwan's IT industry, focus on the R&D, production and sales of software and hardware for automation-related equipment, and assist various industries in intelligent upgrading. For more information, please refer to ROSATI’s website at

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