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Robot Navigation System (Seirios RNS)

Robot Navigation System (Seirios RNS)

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·Apr 7, 2021·

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Good software maketh good robots


Controlling and moving robots should not be an exclusive privilege to roboticist but a privilege that must be shared among everyone.

Robots exist to improve the quality of human lives and Movel AI strives to accelerate the adoption of robots by designing great software that is scalable, accessible, easy to use by everyone.

Core Features

  1. Mapping

Awareness is crucial to controlling your robot.

Seirios utilises your robot's onboard sensors (now supporting 2D, 3D and depth cameras) as eyes to map its surroundings and organises them into the Library, where you can load different maps and its pegged tasks on the fly.

2. Localisation

For better navigation and accuracy, localise your robot to its environment.

Once mapping is done, load the map that you have saved from the Library and localise your robot manually with the onscreen controls

3. Teleoperation

With a map loaded and robot localised to its environment, teleoperate (remote control) your robot freely with either WSAD or joystick controls shown in the interface

Also in this mode, mark and save a 'Home' location. This can serve as a quick way to quickly return to your favourite location in the map for charging, docking or even parking your robot.

4. Single Point Navigation

Need to quickly dispatch your robot to a specific location on the map? Switch to the 'Single Point' mode and point your robot to that location quickly.

You'll have the option to save this as a single goal for future use too (accessible via the Library).

5. Multi Point Navigation

Quickly draw a path with this useful feature.

Quickly mark/draw different points in the map to draw straight paths. These paths can be executed immediately after drawing or saved for future use (accessible via the Library).

6. Path Recording

For precision navigation, in congested warehouses for example, switch to the 'Multiple Points' mode and drive your robot to specific and precise points in the map - this will subsequently create a path.

This saved path can be run immediately or saved for future use (accessible via the Library).

7. Coverage Planner

If you're looking to use your robot to patrol or clean a large area, this feature is for you.

By selecting a large area on the map, a path (shown below) will be generated without manually marking or driving the robot.

Once the path is generated, it will be saved in the Library which you can task the robot to run or keep it for future use.

8. Task Manager

Aimed to users that are looking to use their robots creatively, the Task Manager feature allows users to stack tasks (goals, paths, time delays) in a series and executable as a single command.

With the option to add time and date information, users can also schedule this series of tasks to run at a later time or day.

Use Cases (Industries)

Seirios RNS can be used in many environments with limitless applications. Here are a few examples of applications on how Seirios RNS can help move your robots in.


  • Receptionist Robots
  • Assistant Robots
  • Telepresence Robots


  • Cleaning robots
  • UV Disinfection robots
  • Cleaning supplies/ load carrying robots


  • Load carrying robots
  • Transport robots (Autonomous Ground Vehicles or AGVs)

Hardware and Software Requirements

Seirios RNS caters to robots of all shapes and sizes.

To install and enjoy Seirios RNS at its peak performance, your robot will require these minimum requirements;

  • A PC with and i7 processor (4-core, 8 threads CPU @ 2.4 GHz minimum)
  • 16Gb DDR4 RAM
  • 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 1x RJ45 port for each Ethernet-connected LiDAR
  • 3x USB 3.0 port for each camera mounted
  • Ubuntu 20.04 operating system
  • Internet connectivity (WiFi dongle or embedded WiFi antenna)

Read more here for our detailed list of requirements


To install Seirios RNS, a stable and preferably fast internet connection is required to download our latest product image. A download link will be provided by our technical team once payment is successful.

Once downloaded, simply execute the scripts included and all you'll have to do is tune your parameters for optimum performance.

Detailed instructions for installation can be found here


Seirios RNS' licence is priced at SGD$3,000.

_[Do contact our sales representative here for further questions and clarification]


  1. Do you sell robots (hardware)?
    No. But speak to us and we are able to advise and share more about our past collaborations with hardware manufacturers
  2. Do you have a trial period to evaluate Seirios on my robot?
    Yes, we do!
  3. Do you support custom auxiliary tasks?
    Yes, we do. Sound, lights or anything else, you can integrate custom auxiliary tasks into Seirios RNS.

Click here for our full list of FAQs

If you have further questions or keen to learn more, feel free to reach out to us below or chat with us directly via the chat widget at the bottom!

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Experience Seirios Now! Contact our sales representative if you wish for any further explanation, and schedule a free demo with no obligation.

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