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Meet Movel AI - A BTS look at our first company video!

Meet Movel AI - A BTS look at our first company video!

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·Oct 9, 2020·

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"Who, me? To appear on camera?" - that was the common response we got when we first approached some colleagues to appear in Movel AI's first ever company video.

For most of our colleagues who are robotics software engineers, speaking in front of lights, camera and an entire production crew was definitely not as easy as writing a code for sure...

However, with team work and many takes later, we are very proud to present to you our first ever company video - Meet the Movel AI Team!

Colleagues involved in the shoot arrived bright and early, fussing over their lines and taking turns to rehearse. Some tried to change their lines on the spot, only to be told by Amy, the director from Gott Creatives that it was not allowed, since it will affect the length of the video!

Ryan Lee, our Senior Robotics Engineer was the first to get mic-ed up and appear in front of the lights and cameras. He was initially a little shy, but with some repeated takes and some coaching from the director, he managed to deliver his lines beautifully!

Ryan warming up to speaking in front of the camera

After Ryan, we also had other colleagues, such as Russell Kua from Product and John Tan our intern from SGInnovate's Summation program getting their fair share of screen time.

Abhishek Gupta, our CEO, was a natural in front of the camera and delivered his lines beautifully, using only a take or two for his scenes. Someone on set even remarked that he looked resembled a Bollywood actor! Tech company CEO or Bollywood actor-lookalike, it's all just about wearing many hats in a start-up.

More behind the scenes photos below.

Alvin, our investor was on set with us too to record some short clips.

All in a day's work..

tl;dr - We are hiring! Check out our Careers page on or email directly, stating clearly the position you are applying for, along with your resume. Internship positions are available too. Cheers!

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