Frequently Asked Questions (Seirios)

Frequently Asked Questions (Seirios)


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  • How quickly can I install your software?
    Under a day.

    Depending on your speed and stability of your internet connection, you will be able to download and install our full suite of products even as quickly as an hour.

  • Who to contact in case software is not working or has any issues?
    You may reach us at or chat with us via our live chat widget below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Would I need working knowledge of ROS to run your products?
    No ROS knowledge required to operate your robots after installation.
    However, the installation process require basic ROS knowledge - help that we can provide.

Seirios RNS

  • Do you support custom auxiliary tasks?
    Yes, we do. Sound, lights or anything else, you can integrate custom auxiliary tasks into Seirios RNS.

  • What is the accuracy of your navigational software?
    5cm and above.

  • Can Seirios RNS handle dynamic obstacles?
    Yes. Dynamic obstacles introduced while the robot is executing navigational tasks will be avoided.

  • Can Seirios RNS map dynamic obstacles?
    No. Please ensure your map is clear of obstacles in the mapping process.

    However, if your environment dynamically changes, do consider using the Lane Management feature in FMS. Speak to us for more information.

  • Is auto mapping possible?
    Yes, we do. In the Mapping mode, you can map large areas automatically by selecting the 'Auto Map' button. The robot will map the entire area until no new boundaries are found

  • What is the maximum size of the area Seirios RNS can map?
    There is no maximum area size limited by Seirios RNS

  • What are your hardware and software requirements for Seirios RNS?
    Our full list of requirements can be found here

Seirios FMS

  • What are the maximum no. of robots FMS can handle?
    There is no limit to the number of robots the fleet management system can handle. Be sure that your environment permits multiple robots to prevent congestion and to allow robots to avoid each other.

  • What is the latency/delay of sending a task from the FMS to the robot?
    Immediate. However, obstacles or other robots surrounding the robot of interest may impact the time for the robot to navigate to the tasks' location.

  • Does the FMS require an internet connection?
    No. However, the FMS needs to be connected to the same local area network with the robots that you intend to control

  • Do my robots require Seirios RNS to be installed to use the FMS?
    Yes. For the FMS to delegate tasks to individual robots, those robots must be running Seirios RNS.

Seirios Simple

  • What is Seirios Simple?
    Seirios Simple is an add-on to Seirios RNS which presents a simple user interface for non technical users to operate the robots

  • Do I need to buy additional hardware to use it?
    No, you don't. With the use of web responsive technologies, you can use Seirios Simple even on your mobile phone

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