AI-Powered Robots Used in Various Industries

AI-Powered Robots Used in Various Industries


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Research by Boston Consulting Group predicts that robotics will increase by 30% over the next 10 years. There are three possible industry scenarios in which the robotic industry may evolve by 2030: the rise of customised solutions, robots as a standard automation device, and Google World (medium-to-high performance robot solutions for complex & dynamic tasks using plug-and-play software, expanding robot environments and uses immeasurable).

This means these developments need to be watched out for over the next decade, not only for robotic companies, but also for companies in various industrial sectors to start considering AI-powered robots in their business. With continuous technological breakthroughs, the world will be completely autonomous and rely on artificial intelligence to meet the changing needs of consumer preferences and social trends. Of course, these robots need to be developed with the best artificial intelligence software so that they can be implemented optimally.

AI-powered robots will shape the way industry works in the future to increase productivity, quality, to make it operate in the competitive business world. As for today, we can see various advanced robots being used to perform from simple to complex & hazardous tasks, from collaborative robots to service robots. Let’s take a look.

Cleaning Industry

Perhaps this is the industry where robotics application is easiest to find. AI-powered robots in the cleaning industry can be found in every environment from malls to hospitals to even airports. You must have often encountered floor cleaning and scrubbing robots in those places. In addition, the commercial robots in the cleaning industry are one of the most commonly used at home. The increasing trend of robotic vacuum cleaners is gaining popularity, homeowners can focus on other things and entrust their home cleaning to autonomous robots.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also made robots in the cleaning industry on the rise. The need for AI-powered robots in the cleaning industry is very much needed because there are policies of total persons allowed in one room, through empowering robots we can minimise the risk of human cleaning workers being infected. This is much safer and more efficient. Not only cleaning, this sector also spreads its wings to disinfection. Disinfection robots are usually placed in an indoor area, and will spray disinfectant equipped with UV light.

AI-powered robots in the cleaning industry

Floor cleaning and scrubbing robot by Ideasparq, powered by Movel AI (Picture by Movel AI)

Logistics Industry

The growth in e-commerce and the evolving distribution models need to give customers more choices in how they get goods. These consumer-driven companies demand for faster delivery. The application of AI-powered robots in the logistics industry can be found in the use of AGV (automated guided vehicle) in warehouses. This service robot usually operates on a predetermined path, so that activities in the warehouse such as moving products for shipping and storage can run smoothly.

However, considering that activities in warehousing usually change dynamically, now AMR (automated mobile robots) is also often needed, and this is also a breakthrough for robots in the logistics industry. Humans do not have to reorganise the predefined paths, because these AI powered robots can detect their environment, learn new surroundings in the warehouse, and move more flexibly.

AI-powered robots in the logistics industry

Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) in the logistics industry, by Ottobo Robotics, powered by Movel AI (Picture by Ottobo Robotics)

Healthcare Industry

The use of AI-powered robots in the healthcare industry is very wide, from social robots that help distribute food, autonomous robots that are used to clean hospital wards, to robots that are used for certain medical tasks such as pipetting fluids, carrying medical equipment, etc. Surgical assistance robots, for example, are now on the rise. These robots help surgeons perform complex micro-procedures without making large incisions. These AI-enabled robots are usually equipped with various combinations such as smart robotic arms, 3D imaging, computer vision, etc. It is not impossible that some surgical robots can even complete the task autonomously, so surgeons can simply oversee procedures from a console.

Construction Industry

It can be said that the use of AI-powered robots in the construction industry is needed to improve the safety of construction workers. The use of AI-powered robots in the construction industry can also be used for quality assurance, to ensure the quality and safety of a building being built. One of them is the implementation carried out by Building and Construction Authority Singapore, where robots are used to scan for structural defects in newly constructed buildings.

Robots in the construction industry can also be used to handle large and heavy loads in unsafe spaces. Its applications can be seen in self-driving construction vehicles, autonomous track loaders, dozers, or excavators. Of course, the use of robots in the construction industry still requires a lot of developments and construction workers are still needed on site for more complex matters, but it is not impossible that in the future this could be the next emergence.

robots in the construction industry

Building and Construction Authority Singapore uses robots to scan for structural defects in newly constructed buildings (Picture by Movel AI)

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