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A little more about Movel AI

A little more about Movel AI

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·Sep 2, 2020·

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So! You've read that Movel AI is a Singapore-based Robotics Software Startup bringing precision and accuracy to robotics hardware. Our flagship software, Seirios is futuristic, adaptable and cost-effective. Seems what else is there about this company?

Here we go.

Movel AI is a deep-tech company building advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems for robot navigation. We provide a complete robot localization and navigation solution, based on advanced computer vision and sensor fusion technologies, that enables the robot to move in complex indoor and outdoor environments.

Movel AI’s algorithm can remember vast amounts of visual features from the 3D environment and rely on these features to localize the AGV. This technology is adaptive to dynamically changing environments and is by far more advanced than all other conventional non-AI based technologies. Woot!

Current Situation

Currently, commercial ground robots today have limited sensing capability as they use 2D Lidar or line following technology for robot navigation.

The problem with pure 2D lidar based system is that it will fail when glass windows are present or if the environment is dynamically changing. For example, in places such as warehouse, the production environment is constantly changing; or in a restaurant table positions change quite often with constant traffic of customer and staff which the cause the robot to lose track of its positioning.

3D lidars can be used to resolve this issue, but they are expensive and bulky. i.e. 3D Lidar cost varies from US$10K to US$50K.

Line following or infrastructure-based system would not work when there are dynamic obstacles on its path, it is difficult to install in outdoor conditions and their initial installations are costly and aesthetically intrusive. For example, it is not practical to put magnetic tapes in the mall or the airport.

Where Movel AI comes in

Therefore, we developed an AI-powered software platform that enables seamless robot navigation. Movel AI's technology helps robots to see and act the same
way as humans do while reducing about 40-50% sensor costs and with 50% higher accuracy. 😇

Movel AI core technology uses Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion and Deep Learning to achieve the navigation software.

What this means is:

a. Faster time to market for robotics manufacturers who can now focus on building
its hardware while leveraging on our software to deliver its capabilities.

b. No infrastructure changes required by the robotic manufacturers during deployment. Movel AI software can extract/recognize features from the surroundings: examples, installations such as cupboards, ceiling lights, reception check-in counters, etc.

c. By using a sensor-fusion based system, Movel AI is able to increase the accuracy to as low as 2cm compared to the industry standard of 5cm to 7cm. 😁

d. Buildup the Sensor AI software database to cover all form of robots, so as to enhance an efficient and cost effective platform for deployment.🤞

Sounds good? Got questions? Contact us via the chat widget today!

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